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the main theory & ideology behind creation of Pakistan was to make a separate homeland for the Muslims of indo-pak subcontinent.
because hindus in India wanted to get hold of whole India after the end of british rule over India.
although in Punjab, sindh, nort west frontier province, balochistan , kashmir, Bengal (now Bangladesh) Muslims were in majority but Indian government wanted to subjugate Muslim majority areas also & their injustice , tyranny & violance towards them during their government rule after 1930 elections that congress party won.
so in order to get rid of this brutal situation, the Muslims of subcontinent under the flag of "all India Muslim league" & under the dynamic leadership of "QUAI - E -AZAM (THE GREAT LEADER) MUHAMMAD ALI JINNAH " demanded separate homeland & got it.
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Who created Pakistan?

Muhammad Ali Jinnah, a member of the Muslim League in India.

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