Why was the Emergency Banking Act during Franklin Delano Roosevelt's presidency the first legislation passed by Roosevelt and Congress?

The above response is completely incorrect, but out of respect I won't delete it. The Emergency Banking Act (which was signed by Congress in 38 minutes without any of them act (MORE)

Who was Franklin Delano Roosevelt?

President Franklin D. Roosevelt managed to pull Americans out of the Great Depression and lead them to victory in World War II. His support of an active federal government (MORE)

What are Franklin Delano Roosevelt weaknesses?

My son had to answer a question like this for a 4th grade report. Here's what we found: FDR led American out of the Depression by coming up with social programs like Social S (MORE)

What was the reason for the Franklin Delano Roosevelt and congress started the emergency banking act in 1933?

Some banks actually failed and rumors of failure prompted runs on banks in which people tried to draw all their money out of the bank and this produced a chain reaction. As yo (MORE)

What is true about Franklin Delano Roosevelt?

Franklin Delano Roosevelt was one of America's most prolificpresidents. By speaking to Americans on the radio, he made the NewDeal understandable, and the New Deal slowly but (MORE)

What if Franklin Delano Roosevelt did not die?

If Franklin D Roosevelt did not die he would have finished his term in 1948. I think that Franklin would have done the same as Truman in the Berlin Airlift, Defence Cutbacks, (MORE)