Why was the Incredible Hulk TV show discontinued after season five?

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According to executive producer Kenneth Johnson, the head of CBS programming, felt that the series had run its course and didn't even want a season five. However they already had enough episodes already filmed for another partial season. Bill Bixby talked to other networks about picking up the show, but no deal could be reached in time to keep it in production.

Who played the Incredible Hulk in the TV series?

Lou Ferrigno played the Hulk Bill Bixby played David Banner Answer: "The Hulk Revealed!" Question: "Who played the Incredible Hulk in the TV series?" Answer: Lou Ferrigno. Bill Bixby played the ever wandering scientist always trying to avoid an obsessive reporter who relentlessly tracks the goo (MORE)

What is the average number of seasons for a tv show?

There really isn't an average. Networks probably want 5 seasons since then they can sell it intosyndication and make more money from the show but some shows last1, some 7, some 27, some 47. Someone could add up all the currently running shows and come upwith an average but that's a LOT of data to (MORE)

When does lost TV show season start?

On May 7, 2007, ABC Entertainment President Stephen McPherson announced that Lost will end during the 2009-2010 season with a "highly anticipated and shocking finale. We felt that this was the only way to give Lost a proper creative conclusion," McPherson said. Beginning with the 2007-2008 televisio (MORE)

Why did the character in the Incredible Hulk movie in 2008 called himself Bruce Bannner when the TV show character was David Banner?

Johnson saw fit to change the name of the Hulk's comic book alter ego , Dr. (Robert) Bruce Banner, to "Dr. David Banner" for the t.v. series. This change was made, according to Johnson, because he did not want the series to be perceived as a comic book series, so he wanted to change what he felt wa (MORE)

Was The Twilight Zone TV-show discontinued and if so why?

The original Twilight Zone was canceled in January 1964. CBS claimed it was spending too much money and didn't get high enough ratings. ABC expressed some interest in picking it up, but wanted another title. Rod Serling said no.

Was Arnold Schwarzenegger offered the role of The Incredible Hulk on TV?

Arnold Schwarzenegger was casted as the Incredible Hulk TV show's character "The (green) Hulk." However, TV viewers must note that Schwarzenegger had heavy make-up on the filming set (stage). So, he was disguised as something "ugly" for that TV show. That's why he looked different than the usual S (MORE)

How long is one season in TV shows?

It can vary. Most broadcast network shows have 22 episodes, though there is a trend to do some with only 10-13. "Sleepy Hollow" is an example. Most cable television series do 10-13 episodes.

Why do the cops want the Incredible Hulk on the old TV show?

Because reporter Jack McGee had accidentally set a fire to the labkilling Dr. Banner's lady assistant and it looking like he waskilled in the explosion as well. Since the Hulk had been seencarrying the lady assistant away by McGee, he made up a story tothe FBI that he saw a giant green creature when (MORE)

Why was the TV show Highway To Heaven discontinued after Season 5?

It was already decided the show would be cancelled because the ratings had dropped- but it stopped mid-season after Victor French got real sick and eventually passed away. Michael Landon had been asked to finish the season without him- but he ordered the studio to instantly cancel the show instead.

Why was the TV show Sliders discontinued after Season 5?

Websites say because the show was getting too expensive to produce more episodes. Other reasons are the fans were very upset with all the changes, and the writers decided to cancel the show and stop the complaints. They fired John Rhys Davies for apparently making a joke about one of the producer's (MORE)

Why was the TV show Early Edition discontinued after Season 4?

Probably because the ratings had dropped causing it to be cancelled as a result. There is a series finale that answers a question the fans had during the entire run of the show- but the producers were not intending the series to actually end there.

Why was the TV show Beauty and the Beast discontinued after Season 3?

It is believed that the ratings had dropped real low as a result of Linda Hamilton leaving the show causing fans to lose interest- 13 episodes without her had been filmed and the studio was only going to make more after that if the show continued being as successful as it had been when she was on it (MORE)

Why was the TV show ALF discontinued after Season 4?

Apparently there originally was going to be a fifth season as fans said the final episode ended with "To Be Continued" when it first premiered- but websites said the actors were starting to feel like they had enough with everything already and would go crazy if they had to do one more season after t (MORE)

Why are there only 13 shows in the TV season?

It varies. Broadcast networks usually do 22 episodes. Cable channels do 10 or 13. Sometimes doing fewer episodes enables the producers to hire a bigger name actor. Other times it's just a budget issue.

How did The Incredible Hulk TV series end?

The series ended with the episode A Minor Problem . From the description, it apparently wasn't a proper series finale although the fate of Banner was left in question until 1988 when The Incredible Hulk continued as a trio of TV movies.. The plot outline for A Minor Problem is... David 'Brad (MORE)

When is season 4 be showing on tv?

This question cannot be answered the way it is written. Please be more specific. Please rephrase and resubmit your question so it can be answered. Season 4 of what show?.

When was hulks first TV show?

"Hulk" (1966). This was actually a series that rotated super heroes. Thor, Sub-Mariner, Captain America, and Iron Man also had their own episodes.

What Hulk film is after the Incredible Hulk?

A possible sequel to The Incredible Hulk would not come out until after Avengers 2 is released and that "Planet Hulk" and "World War Hulk" could be used as possible story lines. Sources: Wikipedia

How many shows are in a tv season?

There isn't a single answer for this question. It depends on the season & frankly if you're referring to simply the network programming or including cable & syndicated shows as well. Obviously including cable & syndicated the number would be much greater. Just looking at the networks, ABC, NBC, CBS (MORE)

How many seasons are there of the tv show Jesse?

Jesse which is an American sitcom had two seasons in total, the first season ran from 1998-1999 and the second season ran from 1999-2000, the show was cancelled after its second season due to the growing popularity of the sitcom friends.

When were black and white television shows discontinued?

Black and white television were broadcast in this manner due to that fact that television sets could not display color versions. By the mid 1970s most television sets were color models and therefore black and white shows were discontinued.

What tv show has a title of five letters?

If talking about shows both past and present, there is 116 tv shows in the USA and UK with 5letters. If speaking only of those currently on air, there is 18. Here's a list of shows currently on air: 5 News (1997- News, UK) Arena (1975- Documentary, UK) Arrow (2012- crime drama, USA) Ax Men (200 (MORE)

Which animated TV show has five letters?

Dan Vs. . Daria . D-Frag . No-Rin . Aiura . Senyu . Ozuma . Ben-To . Blade . Shiki . Munto . Punch . Wakfu . Ga-rei . Kaiba . Fur TV . Code-E . Kaiji . Mokke . Pucca . Kanon . Tokko . Akagi . Blood+ . Noein . Bratz . Get Ed . The X's . W.I.T.C.H. . Gantz . Major . W Wi (MORE)

How any seasons does tv shows last?

Television shows can last for anywhere from one to ten seasons. Itis rare for television shows to have more than ten seasons, even ifit is a very popular series. Although, there have been some showslasting longer than ten seasons. On average shows run for aboutfour to six seasons.