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Why was the Navy Crucial to success in Vietnam?

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What was the US Navy role in Vietnam?

  For the first time since the US Civil War, the US Navy created a "Brown Water Navy" to operate separately from their "Blue Water Navy" (Regular Fleet). While the regular

Why was the navy crucial to succes in Vietnam?

US Navy warships worked the gunline off the North and South Vietnamese coastline. North of the DMZ was called YANKEE station; South of the DMZ was termed DIXIE station. Not c

Navy crucial to success in Vietnam?

Extremely! Without them, the poor air force would've had to transport every tank, field gun, airplane, jet, helicopter, parts, vehicles, fuel, food, ammunition, and men to and

What did the Navy do in the Vietnam War?

Divers served in various positions, some served on the coast serving to clear mines and obstacles or to recover sunken ships or planes shot down. Many others served on TF-116

What comprimises were crucial to the success of the convention?

The Great Compromise, or Connecticut Compromise, which stated that both a House of Representatives (in which the number of representatives a state got was determined based on