Why was the North Star important to runaway slaves?

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They were traveling north, so the North Star was their guide.
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Why is the north star important?

Answer . Those using the stars as navigation, such as sailor who have no other landmarks to navigate with, can find the brightest star (the North Star) with relative ease and use its near-unerroring position in the sky, to devine the desired direction of their destination.

How was a runaway slave punished?

Answer . They were hobbled and whipped [hobbled means legs broken so they couldn't run away again]. Their punishments were hard and cruel. And some lead till death. Masters would go searching for the slaves with their dogs and (usually) once found the dogs would rip them to shreds.. (OH sory T.M (MORE)

What was the punishment for runaway slaves?

The most common punishments were whippings, increased work time and work, and hangings. They also hobbled (broke their legs so they couldn't run away) them and branded them as property to make certain that when they ran away again, they would be returned to their rightful owner. The punishments v (MORE)

Why did northerners support runaway slaves?

\n. \n. Because they reacted badly to the Fugitive Slave Act, which turned every citizen into an unpaid slave-catcher. And they had read 'Uncle Tom's Cabin', which was written as a protest against it. That novel had drawn attention to the Underground Railroad, the safe-house system that smuggled r (MORE)

Where did runaway slaves go?

Run away slaves escaped through a secret system called theunderground railroad. The underground railroad was a connection ofpeople who helped hides the slaves until they could safely make itto the north.

A runaway slave had to?

have skill in with which to earn money and blend into a free black society, have enough mastery of the language to talk his way out of diffuculty, and be familiar with the roads and not arouse suspicion! -abi m. =)

Why is the North Star so important?

because it lead many famous people to their destination, and it isalso known as polaris which is a star that lines up perfectly withEarths axis. It is one reason for the four core seasons Next Answer For sailors in the northern hemisphere, the North Star (also namedPolaris) was always visible and (MORE)

What did the union army call a runaway slave?

they called them contraband. It was a way to call them seized property. slaves who escaped and were caught by the union army were made free. google the confiscation acts and it will be more clear.

Why did the slaves runaway?

The slaves ran away due to the hardships they faced under their slave owners, and also so they would be able to practice their religious and cultural beliefs more freely.

What are some destinations of runaway slaves?

Runaway slaves always went to the states in the north, with many going as far north as Canada. They couldn't stay in the south after running, because if caught, it was usually a death sentence for them.

What did a runaway slave need?

A runaway slave needed to have in hand some kind of paperwork inorder to make to the North. If the slave was apprehended withoutpaperwork to prove that he was a free man, that slave could bereturned to his master, or taken by another master.

Where did Frederick Douglass hide runaway slaves?

Frederick Douglass probably used a number of locations to help hide runaway slaves. The Underground Railroad was a collection of a number of homes and locations with and because it was secretive so information is lost to time.

What was the Name of Philemon's runaway slave in the Bible?

His name was Onesimus (pronounced "Oh-NEE-si-moose) which means 'useful'. . It is believed that Onesimus became bishop at Ephesus, Turkey, after Timothy, and was martyred, possibly by stoning, under the persecution by the Emperor Trajan.

Who stars in the runaways?

The movie The Runaways (2010) stars Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart. Co-stars include Michael Shannon, Tatum O'Neal, Stella Maeve and Brett Cullen. It is a music biography about the '70s teenage band The Runaways fronted by Joan Jett and Cherie Currie.

The importance of the north star?

Through a happy coincidence of timing, the North Star Polaris appears to be almost directly above the North Pole of the Earth. This meant that for navigators in the northern hemisphere, it was easy to determine your latitude when at sea.

What made the these people chase runaway slaves?

because they wanted to use the slaves for their work and not let they run away, also, they had to buy the slaves so they didn't want them to run away. Some people wanted what they considered their " property " back. Some were Bounty Hunters.

What made these people chase runaway slaves?

People chase run away slaves because they got paid by the slave master or any other white person who wanted to purchase a slave, plus in 1850 it became law that you must return all ran aways back to their master. Alot of time the Black man they caught was not a slave, but a free person who happen to (MORE)

How did the north star help slaves?

the north star was used as basically a compass that helped determine which way South, West,and East.used by many slaves like harriet Tubman in the underground railroad

How could a runaway slave hide out in the open?

A runaway slave COULD hide in the open, although it often was much too risky. If they saw a patchwork design that showed bowties than they knew that there were enough free slaves living there that, if they got some decent clothes, they would probably be mistaken for a freed slave.

Why was Canada a safe place for runaway slaves?

Canada was a safe place for runaway slaves because it was only the USA that had slaves. Because the USA had no jurisdiction in Canada, the slaves ran to Canada so that the USA could not find them and bring them back to their masters.

Was Dred Scott a runaway slave?

No. Dred Scott sued for his freedom, and lost. He was eventually granted emancipation by Henry Taylor Blow on May 26, 1857. See related link below for the whole story.

What did the Fugitive Slave Act say about runaway slaves?

The southerner slave owner who was in a northern state to reclaim a runaway slave could get his delivery on simple judicial declaration that the alleged slave (which could also be a free black) without the fugitive were allowed to put the case before a jury. Furthermore the police and the Federal Co (MORE)

Did Indians hide runaway slaves?

Not in Indian territory, most Indians didn't like slaves and in fact even owned slaves. Later Indians were forced to accept freedmen, and grant them tribal citizenship. Most native Americans and slaves didn't get along. I know in Indian territory this is true all tribes sided with the confederacy. I (MORE)

Who requested help finding runaway slaves?

Major General Benjamin Butler learnt that some of the slaves hadrun away so he requested for help in finding them. This was duringthe American Civil war in the early 1861.