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Why was the doorway between Egyptian statues so important?

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A false door symbolised the entry between the living world and the world of the dead and provided a place for family offerings.
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Why were the pharaohs so important to the Egyptians?

The people thought of the pharaohs as living gods.

Why was polytheism so important to the Egyptians?

This could be like saying "Why was religion important to the Egyptians?" or even "Why is religion important to modern Americans?" It simply is. There was a short period when

Why are alligators so important to the Egyptians?

The people of the Nile river thought alligators were like some kind of gods. The people worshiped them and they thought that the Nile river flooded because of the alligator.

Why was sekhmet so important to egyptians?

Sekhmet was the Eye of Ra, a goddess of divine retribution, vengeance, and conquest.

Why was Anubis so important to Egyptians?

Anubis was the Egyptian god of embalming after death; and guide, protector and tester of the dead on the journey through the Duat (underworld).