Why were Jews the main targets of Hitler?

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Hitler's target was the spread of hatred unbeknownst to him. He is a warning to all of a time and a judgment close at hand. If the Jews, truly knowing God, were to love as God's true intent for creation none of us would be in the spiritual battle that exists today however... God knowing the beginning from the end used them, the Jews, many times over the course of history as a people that would go into captivity and even die. All that God, in the revealing of His eternal battle plan would from before time prove His love for all in taking our sin on the cross in Christ crucified...proving by prophecy, Jesus Christ's birth, death and resurrection, to name only a few, God's authority over all creation.
Though the Jews were the ones that seemingly physically crucified Christ it too is part of God's plan. Jesus, that it was granted to Him to lay down His life and take it back up again being God though His words and actions were only for people directly or in the hearing of them. God is a loving God and His desire is that all would come to repentance through Jesus Christ. That few will find this truth is comparable to the likelihood that another would be inspired to answer your question from this perspective given the subject matter, content and world view. That said, weigh my statement against the truth of God's word (Holy Bible / Jesus Christ, the word become flesh), and the documented history of war and conflict from World Wars down to the slightest conflict in your own life today. What's his name, though inspired poet with the "To be or not to be" question is a distraction. It is a question: To love or not to love, sure as I answer, being has already taken place. Will you be amongst the greatest of haters or the least of the lovers. Matthew 11:11 (Quoting Jesus Christ) "Truly I say to you, among those born of women there has not arisen anyone greater than John the Baptist! Yet the one who is least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he... Read on, bless the LORD.
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Why did Hitler target the jews for persecution?

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Answer 1 Hitler was racist towards Jews and other minorities. He focused theresentment of the German people toward those of different cultures,in order to achieve power. Some

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Hitler target the Jews for elimination since he believed that theywere responsible for most of the events in the world that affectedhis country. This was also a way of showing

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It is hard to convince people that the failures of any given society are a reflection of their failures as a collective. It is much easier to fault minorities and other groups

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Nothing forced Hitler to make the decisions that he did or feel theway that he did. Hitler was very aware and cognizant of everythinghe said and everything he did. He was an i

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Historians today still debate the reasons for the Nazi hate forJews, as there are many factors that might have played a role. Butall seem to point to: 1. Conflicts between Ch