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Why were cathedrals important in the middle ages?

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because religion was really important to them
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What were cathedrals used for in the middle ages?

The use of cathedrals was the same in the Middle Ages as it is today, as the church associated with the central administration of a diocese. The diocese is a set of churches g

What were Gothic cathedrals built for in the middle ages?

To show the glory of God, and that man was reaching towards God with the building of cathedrals. They were the focus of the community and where people gathered all week to pra

What cathedrals were built in the middle ages?

Most of the major ones were started and then finished much later. These are not buildings that were easy to build and often they had problems with construction. In Florence, I

What was the purpose of cathedrals in the Middle Ages and Renaissance?

Cathedrals were very large churches, which were used as other churches were except in one respect. They were the churches administered by bishops instead of priests, the bisho

What is the entrance to a middle ages European cathedral called?

For the north and south doorway they are called a "porch". The Western end of a church is called a "Galilee porch" in reference to Christ leading his disciples after the resur

Why were cathedrals built during the middle ages?

For administrative purposes, local churches were grouped in dioceses, which were headed by bishops. A bishop's own church, where he presided at services, was the cathedral. Th