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Why were cathedrals important in the middle ages?

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because religion was really important to them
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How important were women in the middle ages?

Women are extremely important, and have and will always be, for the sustainability of our species. Women have always played a huge part in History and how it has unfolded to t

Why faith was important in Middle Ages?

Most of the people in the Middle Ages were poor and surrounded by death. They needed strong faith to help them through their suffering and powerlessness to the afflictions of

Why was clothing important to the Middle Ages?

In the middle Ages, the clothing defined one's status in the society. There was a pyramid kind of way of dressing in that those people who are on the leadership levels could n

Why was religion important in the Middle Ages?

It was the foundation of everyday life in the middle ages. The Catholic church set the standards and rules of society. They taught that man was born in sin and the only way to

What were cathedrals used for in the middle ages?

The use of cathedrals was the same in the Middle Ages as it is today, as the church associated with the central administration of a diocese. The diocese is a set of churches g

Why is religion in the Middle Ages important?

Religion was one of the key fundamentals of every day life. The majority of people such as peasants spent their life working, sleeping or in church. Being religious allowed th

Why were the cathedrals of the Middle Ages built to be so big?

The Middle Ages were a time of Holy Crusades, and Seige Warfare, Cathedrals were built huge, not only to make these places of worship "worthy of god" but also to ensure the bu

How important was the clergy in the Middle Ages?

The clergy attended to preaching, teaching, and caring for the sick. The clergy upheld the doctrines of the Catholic Church and gave stability to the society.

Why are the middle ages important?

The Middle Ages are important because many important things were invented such as the printing press, quarantine, mechanical clocks, eyeglasses, and the plough. Go to the link

What were Gothic cathedrals built for in the middle ages?

To show the glory of God, and that man was reaching towards God with the building of cathedrals. They were the focus of the community and where people gathered all week to pra

Why was pilgrimage important in the middle ages?

Pilgrimage was very important because it showed the continuing faith of the people of Europe. Places of high value such as the pilgrimage sites where holy items were often cla