Why were pie charts used in 1801?

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For the same sorts of uses as they are today : to illustrate how a total value is divided into smaller groups.

A pie chart (a circle divided into slices of various angular widths) is used to show comparative percentages within a whole. The size of a slice is proportional to the share that is assigned to a given subgroup, role, or division. For example, a pie chart for business revenue can be divided into wedges showing the sources of that revenue (sales, stock dividends, franchising), and the sales wedge could be 2/3 or 3/4 of the pie, with other earnings areas having smaller slices.
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What is a pie chart used for?

A pie chart which is the most used chart in the business world is used to show how much something is worth compared to the whole thing. A chart is usually based on a 100% scal

Who first used the Pie Chart?

The inventor of the Pie Chart was not Florence Nightingale. The earliest known pie chart is generally credited to William Playfair's Statistical Breviary of 1801, where two su

Are angles used in Pie Charts?

Yes. Angles are used to draw pie charts so that each portion has an equal amount of the circle by the total.

When is a pie chart used?

A pie chart is not used for sophisticated mathematical analysis. It is used to show how a given quantity is divided up, in a way can be easily seen. A pie chart is best used
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When could a pie chart be used?

When you want to indicate how each part of a data set combines to form the entire set of data. The size of each wedge in the pie is relative to the data series being portrayed
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How do pie charts help us?

A pie chart is a kind of graph that shows data collected. Pie charts help us by displaying data in percentage form in a circle format.
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Why do people use a pie chart?

To show statistics, it was first used by Florence Nightingale to show the British government the statistics of the amount of hospital patients dying unnecessarily