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Why were the wars between Rome and Carthage called Punic wars?

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The Romans' name for Carthage was Puncia.
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How many soldiers did Rome have in the Punic war against Carthage?

While later in the empire after the Marian reforms the roman empire maintained an army of ~500,000 soldiers. Half of these were Roman Segmentum Legions (those armored men you

How did Rome win the Second Punic War against Carthage?

The   factors that contribute to Rome's victory were:           1)   Hannibal lost his siege machines when he crossed the Alps in the snowy winter   to

What started the First Punic War between Rome and Carthage?

It is not clear whether at the beginning of the Roman military action in Sicily a war between Rome and Carthage had been expected. The war was started by tension created in no

What were some advantages that Carthage had over Rome in the Punic Wars?

Firstly, Carthage was a very successful trading empire and with this wealth could afford to hire effective mercenary forces.   In the First Punic War, Carthage had a strong

Why did Carthage lose the Punic Wars to ancient Rome?

The First - because Rome developed a navy to match Carthage's, and used devices such as the Harpax - a missile which was a grappling hook, allowing Roman ships to reel in oppo

What happened to Carthage after the Punic Wars?

  The city was destroyed and the surviving populace sold into slavery. It was rebuilt about twenty years later as a colony to resettle Roman veterans.

How did the Punic Wars affect Carthage?

The Punic Wars ultimately ended in the complete and utter destruction of Carthage. The First Punic War was fought over Sicily. It was an important grain producing region, an

What were the results of the wars between Rome and Carthage?

Rome defeated Carthage after three wars and to terminate it, soldits people into slavery and established a colony of retired Romansoldiers on the site. It became dominant in t

Why did the war break out between Rome and Carthage?

They were originally allies in controlling Greek penetration in the Western Mediterranean with complementary forces - Rome on land, Carthage on the sea. They came into conflic

What were the results of war between Rome and Carthage?

The result of the First Punic War was that Rome took over the  Carthaginian territory in western Sicily and gained control of the  island, which also involved Syracuse, the