Why won't my Pokemon GO to the vs seeker in GPXplus?

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It may only go once a day unless you have a specific item that will let it go twice.
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Where is the vs seeker on pokemon firered?

go to vermillion city and go to the Pokemon center and to talk to the girl there she will give it to you This cool gadget can be used to let trainers re battle you this is gre

How do you get a vs seeker on Pokemon LeafGreen?

In the Vermillion City Pokemon Center,next to Joy in front of the counter theres a lady with purple hair.Talk to her. you dont get it . in vermillion city in the poke cent

Where to get vs seeker in Pokemon pearl?

Ehn you get your bike and visit the underground man, you will go t o the cycling road. When you getting ready to get on the road, Don will come and ask you whitch hand to pick

Where is the vs seeker on Pokemon LeafGreen?

in the vermilion Pokemon center there should be a girl with blue hair so when you talk to nurse joy she should be right next to you hope this helped you because i also had tro

Where is the vs seeker on Pokemon Emerald?

Well, i dont know. I just sent this to annoy you. sorry. it is trainers eyes if it has a pokeball that means they want to fight you so its just like a versus seeker
In Pokemon Ruby Sapphire and Emerald

Where do you get the vs seeker on Pokemon Ruby?

the answer is no!. in Pokemon ruby they swaped the vs seeker for the pokenav trainers eyes after beating petalburg gym look on trainers eyes on your pokenav and if they have a