Why won't my draw something and Words With Friends apps download?

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well if you had to buy the apps maybe you didn't have enough money or your phone froze. If none of these is your answer try restarting and downloading the app
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What to do when your friends won't tell you something?

You shouldn't bring it up or question her or him for a while and let her or him cool off and watch to see if they become depressed, or sad all the time. If this continues to go on for a while you should bring it up, not in a pushy way but in a casual understanding way. If she or he wont say then its probably best to leave it alone because its most like something personal. If they say what happened, then you want to say that you understand and help her or him get through whatever is going on in there lives. Trust me, I have been in this situation before and I didn't like the anticipation or worrying in my mind. You should just be a kind friend and tell her or him that you care about them and that you'll always be there for them. Trust me, that's would i would want to here whenever Im in that situation. It helps ALOT! Good luck and i am sure your friendship will be just fine. Just follow what I told you.

How do you download apps?

if you have wifi you can just download them off your ipod touch . if you dont have an ipod youch you will have to go onto itunes and go to apps and get free apps or paid ones .

What should you do if your best friend is mad at you for something stupid and she won't grow up and talk about it?

Give her some time and space and let her come to you when she feels ready. If she does not then unfortunately she wasn't the friend you thought from the beginning. Friends will come and go throughout your life but the real ones stick it out through thick and thin - you will know who your true friends are.

How do you download something?

There are many ways that you can download something on yourcomputer. A lot of the time it is as simple as clicking on a linkin your browser.

What do you do when an iPod app won't launch?

First, turn your iPod off. Wait a few seconds, and then turn it back on. Try relaunching the app. If it still doesn't work, make sure that the app will work with the software you have. Some apps that work with the 3.0 software won't work with 2.0 software, and vice versa.

How do you download an app?

You go Into the app store and search the app you want. Then you click it and hit download.

Can you download iTunes apps to your PC?

Yes apps from iTunes can be downloaded to a PC with the iTunes software. They will then need to be synced to a device running iOS to be used.

Why won't your iPod Touch let you download the free games from the app store?

You need to have an iTunes account and password over a Wi-Fi connection to download the free games through the App Store. Through iTunes, you still need the internet and an iTunes account and password. There may also be a parental setting that is preventing you from buying the free games.

Where can you download lg cookie apps?

www.getjar.com is a great website for any type of phone. When you get on it say that your phone is the lg cookie (button in the top left corner), so it only shows apps for lg cookie. There are tons to choose from, so take your pick. P.S When downloading apps, don't use the mobile browser. Instead, download to your computer and open the folder. Then, SINGLE click it and then click to move button. Move it to LG COOKIE MUSIC SYNC then select INTERNAL MEMORY. Disconnect the USB to your phone, then find the app. Normally it is in sounds (.jar files confuse the phone) and select it. It will install (this takes seconds) and ask you where you want to send it. Select whatever folder you want (i recommend you put them in apps) and your ready to go. Make sure you delete the old file (the install copy) otherwise it will stop you from using the usb port.

Your friend jailbroke his iPod Touch and downloaded an app from cydia that got him free WiFi everywhere he goes you cannot find the app anywhere What is the name of the app How do you use and get it?

Your friend might have been lying, because there is no possible appthat can get you free Wi-Fi anywhere. Unless he/she got an app thatcracks Wi-Fi passwords, then that is illegal. If he did get an appthat cracks passwords, then he/she most likely downloaded it fromalternate sources/repositories. Ask your friend whatsource/repository he/she used to get this app you talk about.

Why won't your App Store open?

There are restrictions that can be set that will block the App Store. If there are no restrictions, then try turning the iPod off and on again. Make sure you are connected to Wi-Fi, also.

What do you do when a friend says they won't tell someone something then they do?

well this happened to me with my best friend okay and what i did is i went straight up to her and i told her i knew you told someone my secret and if you cant keep my secrets i don't know if we should be friends i mean i think your really nice and like your my friend but you need to be able to keep my secrets. and sense i told her that she has kept everyone of my secrets and you don't have to say like i don't know if we should be friends you can just say like then i am not telling you any of my secrets. well that's the best advice i can give you. I would tell them to be my friend and keep my secrets safe or our friendship can be untruthful and be a bunch of lies.thats the best 2coolgirl can give yah! .

Can you download apps to your Droid phone?

Yes, you can. There are literally thousands of both free and non-free apps available in the Market which is easy to link to on your Droid.

How do you download apps without downloading music?

When downloading an app, you are not obliged or forced to download music. Music and apps can be downloaded separately. They can be downloaded either through iTunes or through the App Store.

Why is my app not downloading?

This maybe because you don't have enough memory on your iPod or that your broadband connection isn't strong enough. Hope this helps! X

If i said something to my friend and it offended him and he said he won't be my friend anymore how can i get him back?

Well all you have to do is say sorry. If he still doesn't give up this is what you do. You go up to him tomorrow (Give him time to cool down) and don't even mention it. Crack a joke make him laugh get the thing you did wrong off both of your minds. I know this from experience me and my BFF broke up a lot but EVERY time we made up. Hope it's the same for you.

What do You do if Your app won't load?

You have to turn it all the way off and then turn it back on

How many apps can you download on the ipod touch so it won't overload?

You can buy any amount of apps that will fit on the hard drive with a reasonable amount of space left over. The iPod Touch only does one thing at a time, so there's no such thing as overloading it within reasonable boundaries. Many people (with the iPhone alternatives) have more than ten pages of apps, so as long as you have hard drive space left, you should be fine with downloading any number of apps. Just be aware that the more you put on the iPod Touch, the slower things will go, but it won't usually overload.

Where can you download the iphone app store app?

The app store should come built in with the iPhone, if it's not there check your settings and restrictions, you may have locked it. If all else fails go on iTunes on the computer and you should be able to get it. Hope this helps!

What should you do when the apps you have downloaded onto your ipod touch say waiting on them and won't download?

You should wait... It's Christmas day and several million people all over the world are all trying to download apps on to their new iPhones, iPods and iPads.

How do you delete apps that won't download on an iPod touch?

you might want to reset your ipod to do that or hook it up to your computer

What do you do if you bought an app and it won't download?

Make sure that you are within range of your network. And also the original network that you were connected to when you purchased the app. Make sure you click to check for downloads and select to download that app. That way you can be sure it isn't paused in the downloading process.

Can you download Words With Friends to laptop?

Yes one can download Words with Friends to a laptop. One can also play this game on line. The game can be found at social sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

When you download an icon do you also download the app?

Yes, the icon is just a representation of the actual app that you have just bought.

Why won't my FaceTime app work?

Make sure your apps aren't jiggling if they are press the home button(jiggling apps means you can move them around).

How do you download Words With Friends for the computer?

you can download it here for free: Zynga-words-with-friends.blogspot.com there's a tutorial how to download and install that game... when I went to check on this website it read: " Sorry, the blog at zynga-words-with-friends.blogspot.com has been removed."

How do you download the iPhone app store app?

You don't need to download it because it is already on you iPhone, iPad, iPod and so many other apple things.

What do you do when your friend won't talk to you for something you regret?

Offer a sincere apology. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tell her/him that you really did not mean what you did but this must be true because if its not it will remain in the back of your mind and bother you forever and if youve appoligized AND MEANT IT and you friend still ignored you then give her her space dont be on her trail trying to talk to her because that will make her even more angry at you. If its been maybe 3 or 4 weeks and your friend has still not forgiven you then move on because this person probably isnt the forgiving type and is not worth you precious time ( but i do have to admit that if your friend NEVER forgave you ... it WILL Remain at the back of your head for as long as you can remember, its happened to me and its not pleasant..) ~Juliet I hope that helped you :)

Why won't my iPod let me download apps that are free?

maybe you dont have an itunes account(apple id) or that option have been restricted. go to settings/general/restrictions

Why won't my app install?

Your being very broard here. What app is is? Have you sined in? Is the app downloading? Do other ones download? Does it give you any errer codes? If so google it. Worst case jailbreak it and get installous.

Do you have to pay if you download an app in app store?

it depends, if it says free, you don't, it if lists a price, you do. So some you don't some you do

Why won't my iPod download apps I have tried restoring it I have tried shutting it down it won't do it?

Something is Wrong with the wirings on the inside. Something might have screwed up in there. I would go to an Apple Store and get it cheeked out

How do you download the app store app back?

There isnt really a way to delete it, well because it is a built in application. There are different app buying apps that people can buy from the itunes app store that is able to be deleted, but it can be redownloaded easily from the itunes app store.

Why won't your Kindle Fire let you download apps?

Your Kindle Fire won't let you download apps because it either is malfunctioning and is not going to work anymore or your Kindle Fire might be made for only downloading books instead of apps.

Where do you download apps from the app store online?

You don't. You download apps on iTunes if you are downloading the app using the computer.You can download iTunes on apple.com.

How many apps can you download at once with an iPad 2 running IOs 5 In other words if you were to start downloading 5 apps would they all download at once or alone?

One would download fast, then a next, then a next, and it keeps going for how many apps you download.

How do you connect to Draw Something with your Facebook name if you are already on the app with a username?

What I did was go to settings and log out. Then a screen should pop up asking if you want to connect through facebook. It let me log right on and I didn't lose my old games or anything! Hope this helps :)

How many times has the 'Draw Something' app been downloaded since its release?

As of March 2012, the 'Draw Something' app has been downloaded 20 million times since it was released five weeks ago.

How do you delete a friend on draw something?

On the home screen, swipe from left to right on the persons name and a little button should pop up that says "delete". Push that button and then that person will be deleted.

How do you find out what your draw something password is when the email won't work?

If you log out of Draw Something on your device, and then attempt to log back it, there will be a "forgot password" link that you can use to have your password mailed to you. ... If you put in a fake email address, then you will need to contact the makers of the game. See the related link for the Draw Something support page below.

How do you draw what you want on the game draw something?

There are a couple of things that you can try. Using your finger and whatever variety of colors you currently have, you can draw whatever the word says. You can also draw parts of the word. For instance, if the word is doormat, you could first draw a door, and then put a plus sign, and then draw a mat... sometimes it helps to break the words down into parts. Another thing you can try is to draw something more than one way. If you are drawing soap, don't just draw one soap... draw different kinds of soap. Which brings us to the next tip... you can draw words on things. :) Some might think this is cheating, but it is definitely allowed in the game, and if the person you are playing with is okay with it, the put words in to help people guess. Write "Welcome" on the doormat, and "Ivory" and "Safeguard" on the soaps. Sometimes a word is super hard. In most cases, you should not choose a word you don't think you can draw... but if you don't have good options, try writing "sounds like" and draw something that sounds like it. Or write "rhymes with" and tell them what it rhymes with. Give whoever you are playing with as many clues as you can. :)

Why cant you see the app draw something on Samsung Galaxy europa on the market?

hey jude it's not on the market place because it's not compatible with the phone unfortunately

What happens when it won't let you download an app?

You can just turn off the iPhone or iPod and just turn back on the download. If its not working still, then call the Apple or customer service number.

What drawing app is on the iPad commercial?

Paper, Procreate, SketchBook Pro and many others. The additional link will tell you the details.

Can you download draw something on Samsung Galaxy ace?

yes! if u go on google play which should already be on ur phone, u can find it there and on game apps annd download it for free! It might cost something if u spend a lot of time on google play though. :)

Why won't the curiosity app work?

That depends on your problem, if it is trouble connecting to the server, then that is because the yogscast's video crashed curiositys servers and it can't take on all the people trying to access it. They are hoping to fix this problem today, on the 11/11/2012.

Is there a app for words with friends?

Words with Friends is an app. It can be downloaded from your app store, the google play store, or iTunes. There is also a cheat app for Words with Friends in the app store.

How do you download Words With Friends on dell laptop?

There are a few places online that a person can download "Words With Friends" and install it onto a Dell laptop or PC. The sites CNet, Softronics, and of course "Words With Friends" own site, are great places to get the download. Then just follow the instructions and the game will install and allow a person to play on Facebook with their friends.

What do you do when your iPhone apps won't open?

If your apps close on launch (that is, you tap on the app icon and you're immediately taken back to the home screen), try the following steps: . Attempt to open and close the apps. Double-tap on your home button. If you have iOS 4 through 6.1.4, you will see a bar open up at the bottom of your screen with your recently-used apps in them. You can swipe from right to left to see more. Tap and hold on the icon of the app that is giving you trouble until it jiggles. Press the red circular button that appears in the upper left corner of this icon to close that app. Then try reopening it. . If you have iOS 7, follow the same steps as above, except after double-tapping your home button, find the app icon with the preview of its open window above it. Then swipe upwards to close that app. Then try reopening it. . If that didn't help, see if you can open the App Store and check for updates. If there is an update available for your app, try and get it. See if it helps. . Power off and power your phone on again, for at least one minute. You should be doing this at least once a week if you use your phone lightly, and at least once every few days if you're a heavy user. To completely power your phone off, press and hold on the top (sleep/wake) button on your phone. Then, swipe your finger from left to right across the red "slide to power off" bar that appears on screen. . If that doesn't help, attempt to restore your iPhone in iTunes. Note that doing so will ERASE YOUR iPHONE completely, so be sure all your information is saved first. You can try and restore from a backup and see if the issues persist, but if so, try restoring again and setting up the phone as new. . If the issues are STILL persisting, bring your iPhone into your nearest Apple Store with a Genius Bar appointment (you can make one online; see the Related Links); they can run diagnostics and provide you with further assistance.

How do I unpin something on the Pinterest app?

Follow these instructions to unpin something on the Pinterest app: . Go to the board the pin is in and then click on the pin itself. . Once the pin has opened, click on the edit symbol on the top bar of the pin (looks like a pencil) . Then click "delete pin" on the pop up.