Why wont an HDMI cable play audio on a tv?

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If the HDMI source is setup to output multi-channel audio and the TV is stereo then no audio will be heard. Simply set the source to output 2-channel PCM over its HDMI connection
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Do you need a HDMI cable to play PS3 on a HD TV?

In order for the PS3 to work best on a HDTV you need to have or purchase either an HDMI or a component AV cable and connect the PS3 to the HDTV. The PS3 will play on a HDTV wh

Why audio is not coming in TV when laptop is connected with HDMI cable?

Computers are increasingly using digital video instead of VGA. Many computers now have a DVI connector in addition to \nthe standard VGA connector. DVI carries digital video

Can you use standard cables with an HDMI TV?

Yes, believe it or not, you can use regular coax cable, s-video, etc to connect to your HD TV. Picture quality won't be so great but it will work. HDMI or component cables

What does a HDMI audio and video cable do?

HDMI is a type of video interface developed to carry high definition video signals. Additionally, HDMI will support standard definition video and carries audio as part of the

Does HDMI cable carry video and audio?

HDMI is a connector standard designed fo rboth HD and SD video. It will carry both audio and video signals within the cable so it provides a single cable interface between equ

Is a HDMI cable on every tv?

Every modern LCD or plasma television made in the last 5 years has HDMI. The first televisions to have HDMI were introduced in 2003.

Who have the best HDMI cable for your tv?

You can get some good cables but you can also pay a lot more money that you need to for a HDMI cable. Shopkeeprs will try to sell you a £50 cable when you only need a £1

Why wont your ps3 show up on the tv after you used the HDMI cable?

Because you need to turn your HDTV to the HDMI that was the one the PS3 was plugged into much like you switch a TV so it will pick up a cable box or DVD player signal instead

When using HDMI cables why wont the sound go from Toshiba ultrabook to tv?

There has been a trend in recent years for computers to use digital video outputs such as DVI. As laptops become smaller, DVI connectors have been replaced by HDMI connectors

How do I fix the audio settings for my HDMI TV?

I'm having a little trouble with my HDMI settings. No matter howmany cables I use or what I try to change, the TV simply refuses toplay the sound. I know it can play sound thr