Why would 96 contour radiator fan not be coming on?

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Check the fan sensor and relay for the Contour fan. Check the fan motor next. One of these three will most likely be the problem.
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Why would the radiator fan not be running in a 1994 Buick Century?

thinking on the electrical fan this car has if I remember rite the grand am regal and Oldsmobile all have a thermostatic electric fan. But if the sensor isn't working to tell it to go on it wont. Suggestion make sure with test light that there is current at the fan motor on both sides of sensor.

Why would a car stall after the radiator fan turns on?

A critical voltage drop probably is occurring at either your fuel pump or the electronic ignition module (computer), when a large current load is being drawn by the fan motor. Wait until it stalls and won't start, and then simply umplug the connector to the radiator fan, and see if this "cures" the (MORE)

Why would the radiator fan be the only thing to work?

Answer The fan is meant to cool the radiator even after the car has turned off. Some vehicles have a heat type sensor to activate when the fan should "kick" in, others just automatically intermittantly run for a few minutes when turned on or have a set time for after it's turned off. Maybe when you (MORE)

What would cause the AC radiator fan in a '92 Toyota Corolla to come on and off very rapidly and haphazardly?

I had a 89 Chevy Corsica that was doing the same thing. I replaced the ECM (Electronic Control Module) and it solved my problem. Your ECM controls your cooling fan by supplying a ground to the cooling fan relay. Something in your ECM has gone bad and it must be replaced. Good luck! You may have a ba (MORE)

What can cause both radiator fans to not come on?

Answer . \nI have a 1988 oldsmoble cutless cirra wih same problem I have replaced the colant fan switch and the coolant fan relay but to no avail have not solved this problem however the fan on the back side of the radiator does come on when I turn the key off but the fan on the front side of the (MORE)

How do you flush the radiator on a 96 contour and where is the radiator flush plug?

Answer . I have a '95 Contour but I'm sure it's the same for a '96. Firstly, there isn't a drain plug for the radiator. Sorry. But you can drain your radiator and coolant reservoir. When looking at your coolant reservoir or expansion tank, there will be two hoses that come out. One top and one bo (MORE)

What would cause the radiator fan not to come on if relayfuse and temp switch is good?

Answer . \nYou do not mention the year but my 1999 Villager has 3 relays & 3 fuses and a heat sensor switch. If all that works check the fan motor. All I did to check the motor was disconnect the power cable at the fan housing and and use an ohm meter to find the ground lead on Cable ( one lead (MORE)

Why would the radiator fan not come on if temp switch relay fuse and fan are all good on a 2000 elantra?

It could be due to a faulty ecm. I have the same problem on my 99 elantra. I know my cars situation, the fans come on a few minutes after I start it , but won't come on after it gets warm.. Due to troubleshooting it and a call to a mechanic friend he suggests the ECM could be bad on my car. Said ev (MORE)

How to repair radiator fans when not coming on?

you need to find out if its the fans are bad or is the coolant temp censor bad or thermostat or if there is air in system Answer one fan is intermittent and only comes on when the engine reaches ideal temperature. the other only comes on when you turn on the AC. check fuses. Answer I had the same (MORE)

How do you drain the radiator in a 98 Contour?

Looking up from under the car, the drain is located on the bottom right and corner of the radiator. A large flat blade screwdriver will be needed to turn the drain cap and allow fluid to be released. The drain cap can't be fully removed from the radiator so there is no worry that the cap will get lo (MORE)

What could cause smoke coming from the Radiator Fan?

Answer . \nIf the smoke is coming from the electric fan itself, then it needs replacing. It could be the smoke is steam that the fan is drawing from the radiator, and you have a coolant leak at the radiator.

What would cause the aux fan to come on late on a 96 jeep Cherokee 6-cylinder - temp gets to 230 before the fan kicks on?

Well the 96 has 2 sensors, one for the gauge and one for the computer. One of them is obviously wrong, so simply replace them both. The computer 'sensor' is located on the water outlet at the front of the engine. The gauge 'sender' is located at the rear of the head on the drivers side. These system (MORE)

Replace alternator on 96 contour?

That depends on which engine is in it. This should tell you what you need to know. http://www.autozone.com/az/cds/en_us/0900823d/80/1b/c3/18/0900823d801bc318/repairInfoPages.htm

Your 96 mercury is running hot changed the thermostat and the upper hose and it still runs hot i also changed the cap on it and for some reason the fan will not come on to cool off radiator?

Answer . Check your fuses. The fan's fuse may have blown. If the fuse is blown and replaced, then blows again, take it in to have someone look at it because the fuse is blowing to protect your car's electrical system from an over-current situation that could become more dangerous. (Hint: gasol (MORE)

Where is the starter on a 96 Ford Contour?

First you need to let us know if it is a 4 or V6. If it is a 4 it will be behind the engine in a very difficult position. As usual before you even consider doing asny work get a good repair manual. It helps a lot. Also if you are changing the timing belt ignore the part where most manuals tell you t (MORE)

If the radiator fan does not come on what is the problem?

the system works like this. The eng has a thermo switch, which sences coolent temps around 185 to 195 fer. it produces a closed circut, which then applys voltage to the rad fan relay. which then handle lots more current, i.e amps.. could be a number of things, like thermostat,bad rad cap, thermo sw (MORE)

Why would steam be coming out from the radiator cap?

Radiator caps are pressure relief valves. They are rated at "pounds per square inch" and are designed to release some pressure from the radiator if it gets too high. If an engine overheats it can boil the coolant and this will cause the radiator cap to let out steam.. Radiator caps DO lose their ab (MORE)

Why would the engine fan blow towards the engine and not the radiator?

Some fans are pushers and some are pullers. Depending on where there is enough room to install the fan determinesthe direction of flow. In reality, the fan draws air across the radiator for cooling.. \n. the engine fan is supposed to blow towards the engine. the fan sucks air thru the radiatoe and (MORE)

Your radiator fan does not come on on a 1995 Pontiac Bonneville?

The radiator fan sensor switch or the radiator fan motor are at fault (maybe even both). Wire the fan motor direct to see if it will run, if it does, replace the sensor switch. If the fan motor doesn't run, replace the fan motor before you buy a new sensor. If after replacing the fan motor, the fan (MORE)

How do you take a trans out in a 96 contour?

that is a process that should not be undertaken without the proper tools and equipment.. also depends if its a manual or automatic question.. http://www.2carpros.com/affiliate/uid/blackop555_1 for additional information.

Why does the radiator fan come on and does it only come on when the car is running hot?

An automatic radiator fan will go on and off in cycles to cool an engine down when it begins to heat up. It works with sensors that monitor the engine heat and trigger other sensors to turn on the fan. It will even run with the car engine off after it's been driven a long time and is hot enough to n (MORE)

What tempure will fan come on for radiator?

This happened to my gf's car... we had to install a new set of fans.. $700 at the shop $250 ourselves. Anyway... depending on the year there was a recall on the fan controller module, if your fan motors are not burnt up already, you should take your vehicle to the nearest dealer to have that replace (MORE)

How does the radiator fan know to come on?

Most often there is a temperature sensor that tells the fan to run or not: above 165F (in a lot of cases) the fan goes on, below that it is off to allow the engine to warm up to running temperature. It varies from car to car and even day to day based on readings that the cars computer takes in runni (MORE)

Where is the starter on a 96 contour?

What engine do you have? If people would give the simple, basic information to be necessary to be able to properly answer questions like this, it would make it a lot easier! At any rate, on any engine, you can find the starter by simply following the primary positive battery cable from the positi (MORE)

Why does radiator fan come on when your misubishi galant 2001 comes to a stop?

there could be a thermostat problem causing a partialy-closed stat-not providing "complete" circulaion to enable proper cooling-telling the ecm to start fans to aid cooling. 2ndly, when you come to a stop, you prevent the air flow thru the radiator to cool the coolant that cools te engine, that kee (MORE)

What would cause the radiator fan to freeze up?

If your radiator fan is electric, loss of electrical power can cause it to stop working such as a break in one of the wires. There can also be a fault in the speed controller thermostat that is not signaling the fan to turn on. If the fan won't move at all and cannot be manually tuned, the internal (MORE)

What would cause radiator fan to constantly click on and off?

on most vehicles the radiator fan is wired up to a relay so that the fan will remain off until the car is warmed up. they do this so your car will warm up to NOT (normal operating temperture) faster. if you are good with wiring you could wire the fan up to a switch so you can turn it on or off when (MORE)

Does a car radiator fan come on as soon as you start the car?

no its not supposed to, there is a sensor that reads the coolanttemperature and sends a signal to a relay or the engine computerwhich turns on the fan when it reaches a certain temperature. If the vehicle is equipped with AC, it is normal for the electricfans to come on when the AC is turned on.