Why would 96 contour radiator fan not be coming on?

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Check the fan sensor and relay for the Contour fan. Check the fan motor next. One of these three will most likely be the problem.
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How do you flush the radiator on a 96 contour and where is the radiator flush plug?

Answer . I have a '95 Contour but I'm sure it's the same for a '96. Firstly, there isn't a drain plug for the radiator. Sorry. But you can drain your radiator and coolant r

What would cause the radiator fan not to come on if relayfuse and temp switch is good?

Answer . \nYou do not mention the year but my 1999 Villager has 3 relays & 3 fuses and a heat sensor switch. If all that works check the fan motor. All I did to check the

How to repair radiator fans when not coming on?

you need to find out if its the fans are bad or is the coolant temp censor bad or thermostat or if there is air in system Answer one fan is intermittent and only comes on w

If the radiator fan does not come on what is the problem?

the system works like this. The eng has a thermo switch, which sences coolent temps around 185 to 195 fer. it produces a closed circut, which then applys voltage to the rad fa

What tempure will fan come on for radiator?

This happened to my gf's car... we had to install a new set of fans.. $700 at the shop $250 ourselves. Anyway... depending on the year there was a recall on the fan controller

How does the radiator fan know to come on?

Most often there is a temperature sensor that tells the fan to run or not: above 165F (in a lot of cases) the fan goes on, below that it is off to allow the engine to warm up