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Why would a creditor object to a debt being discharged if the debtor no assets and very little income?

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It's according to how much you owe. If it's a large amount they may give you a hard time. You them need to go in front of the trustee and be able to prove why you needed to use the credit card. It may be do to a change in income, illness, high prescription cost, needing to buy food on it, etc.
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Why are creditors interested in the income statement?

Creditors would interested in an income statement because it would  show the potential for revenue. Creditors would be more likely to  lend money to a company with a positiv

Is bankruptcy discharged debt considered taxable income?

No, discharge of debts through bankruptcy do not create taxable earned income. However, you can have Capital Gains or Losses if any real-estate was disposed in that bankruptcy

Is debtor an asset or liability?

It is an asset

What is mean by sundry debtor and sundry creditor?

Sundry Debtor is a person who bought goods or received service from  us (Customer)    Sundry Creditor is a person whom we received the goods are service   (Our Ven

What is a debtor and a creditor?

A debtor is someone who owes you money. A creditor is the person  that lent the money.
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What is the definition of debtors and creditors?

Debtors are people who owe money to creditors. Creditors are people who are owed money by debtors. For example, the bank is a creditor allowing people to take out loans and th
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Can creditors sue a debtor after a chapter 7 discharge has been granted?

No, they can't. Assuming they were included in the bankruptcy proceedings and did not file a counter suit for dismissal and win. If they were included, the banruptcy was gran

If you file bankruptcy do you owe income tax on the amount of debts that were discharged?

This is an intriguing question considering that the IRS does consider forgiven debt to be income normally. However, I have never seen the IRS pursue any of my clients for inc

Can a discharged bankruptcy be reopened in Texas four years after discharge if a debtor acquires liquid assets over four years after the discharge?

A bankruptcy can almost always be reopened. Unless the "liquid assets" were available to the debtor at the time of filing or fall into one of the categories (gambling winnings