Why would a swimming pool be losing water from the pump once the filtration cycle finishes 4 times a day if the pool is only 1 year old and this problem has only become apparent in the last 2 weeks?

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sounds like an air leak, If you see water drip only when the pump is off then it is a suction leak, All materials expand and contract a little from temperature changes, Sounds like the inlet of your pump needs to be tightened is all.Call your pool builder they will tell you how.

I might add::
Yes, contact your builder explaining the situation. He may want to perform a "bucket test" to determine if the pool is in fact loosing water or if is just evaporation. You can expect to loose up to 1.5" per week just thru evaporation. If the pump has become hot and has shrunk the PVC pipe into and out of the pump thru lack of adding water to the pool in that time specified then you be liable for the damages to the pump if any. However, if he is a nice guy he may just fix the problem and not charge you for his time and materials. Anyway, before this gets carried away - - - phone the builder and have him come out to visually inspect the pool, equipment or do what is necessary to remedy the situation. If in fact the pump looses water and won't reprime then you may have a loose lid, a bad pump seal. Or the filter tank clamp could be loose and is allowing air to be sucked in. This results in the water in the equipment and plumbing returning back to the pool. If you can bleed air from the top of the filter air bleed valve - you have air getting into the system somehow. Refer to the "I might add" answer. k
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