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Why would many scientists not accept the hypothesis of continental drift?

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All grand theories are hard to believe at first because they do not necessarily fit into conventional thought of the time. It takes time for new experiments to be thought up of based on the hypothesis and for them to be run. Often times the technology to support these experiments have not been invented yet.
This was harder to prove because it was not easily visible.
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What is Wegener's hypothesis of continental drift?

That the continents move relative to each other, slowly drifting towards each other and forming together into super-continents. He thought that all the continents were one sup

How many scientists accept Alfred wegener's continental drift theory?

Alfred Wegener's continental drift theory has subsequently been honed by scientific discoveries to the more all-inclusive plate tectonic theory which is generally accepted by

What was the main reason most scientist did not accept continental drift?

Some scientists rejected Alfred Wegener`s idea at first becausethey couldn`t imagine what forces could push continents apart. . +++ . Also, the contemporary view was that th

What two aspects of Wegener's continental drift hypothesis did most Earth scientists object?

The two aspects of Weneger's continental drifthypothesis were objectionable to most Earth Scientist were. One,that gravitational forces of the moon and sun cause the earth'sti
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Why was wegener's continental drift hypothesis not widely accepted?

Wegner's theory was not accepted, as he was a geologist, so outsiders didn't believe him. Also, at the time, they had no evidence that the continents were or even possibly cou

What is Wegener27s hypothesis of continental drift?

There is a theory of continental drift by Wegener. He thought that underneath where we stand (continental crust) is magma (lava). You know sometimes there are lily pads in the