Why would one need an architecture portfolio?

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A person would need an architecture portfolio if they want to be an architect. It shows examples of their previous work so clients know what to expect.
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Do you need a portfolio to become a model?

la la la la la la ! ! ! ! !. -. Yeah, you need a portfolio to be a model. But if you are picked up by an adentsy, they'll help you towards costs and will be able to start it

Where can you find architecture admission portfolio samples?

If you are applying to a school of architecture, many will have past entrance portfolios available in the architectural library. These will probably be from past students.

Why Would you need Trigonometry in architecture?

trigonometry underlies all calculations about forces dat must be calculated so that buildings are stable and dont collapse . regular flat shapes like squares , pentagon, hexag

What would not be part of an investment portfolio?

An investment portfolio is a group of investments in which aninvestor intends to make a profit on the original invested money. Asavings 529 plan would not be included in a inv

Why would someone need a portfolio?

That is so you can show off your artwork so you can get hired. You would need this if you are a photographer, model, fashion designer, painter, or other type of artist.

What qualification does one need to apply for a masters in architecture?

There are actually two broad types of masters degree in architecture. It get's confusing, because both are generally abbreviated "M.Arch.". One type is for individuals who

How can one create an online portfolio?

The easiest way for new or unfamiliar users to create an online portfolio for themselves is to use a site tailored for this purpose. Try using Krop, which offers both a free a

Where can one purchase a portfolio case?

One can purchase a portfolio case online, or at a store such as Target or Walmart. And maybe a craft store such as Michaels would carry them too, but definitely could be found
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Why would a fashion model need a portfolio?

A fashion model needs a portfolio to showcase their prior work and let potential employers see what they've done. Their portfolio includes photos of the model either from past
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Where would one begin with creating an e portfolio?

Google sites allow one to start an e-portfolio that can be accessed from any internet enabled computer. After an account is registered, files can be upload to populate it.
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What can one do with portfolio folders?

You can use portfolio folders for document storage and file storage. It can be a tool to help planning in buinesses or keep information in order. It's an inexpensive and effec
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How can one build a web portfolio?

If someone has a blog or a website, this is the beginning to a successful web portfolio. Keep it clean and simple and full of information, especially on the "About" page.