Why would park and tail and license and dash lights not work while head and signal do after bare wires on lic lights touched but now fixed all fuses ARE good on 98 Ford Ranger?

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look for more fuses, tail and turn are ALWAYS at least two fuses. fix damage possibly you blew the switch if you had too large a fuse in during the "repair" process. Relentless
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What can you do if the tail lights and dash lights are not working but the fuses are all good?

This can be used for either the back-up lights or the brake lights. There are a couple of ways to track this down. Of course, make sureyour fuse and bulbs are in good condition. Disconnect the wiring tothe switch. Measure the feed wire and make sure you have 12 volts.Note: Make sure the key is turne (MORE)

Why would the tail lights brake lights and speedometer lights in a 1988 Toyota Camry LE not work when the fuses and bulbs are all good?

The Toyota Camry has a weakness with tail lights and break lights. The Camry uses a sensor, called the "Lamp Failure Indicator Sensor", and if it burns out, you will lose your tail lights, or brake lights, or both.. This sensor is a small 2 inch box, which comes in different colours, like yellow, w (MORE)

If you grounded a bare wire while installing speakers in a 1994 Dodge Ram and now the interior lights and radio don't work but the fuses are all good what could be wrong?

Answer The fuse for the radio's constant power and the domelight might be located under the hood in the fuse panel there. Also the same fuse should power the cigar lighter. Hey theres also another place that may have gone wrong, if you have power seats under the driver side, the plug is either co (MORE)

Why would the bare wires going to license plate lights touch each other and spark and now the parking and tail lights instru lights are all out on a 1998 Ford Ranger but all fuses and bulbs are OK?

Answer . \nI had this happen to me once. \nIt was a fuse I would change the fuse anyway.\nSometimes the fuse boxes are located in more than one location.\nFuse are the weakest link in any circuit. If you had a larger fuse in place of what it was designed for, it may have caused the wiring to open (MORE)

What is wrong your 1990 Nissan PU dash lights dont work all bulbs good and fusees good how do you fix?

Answer . More than likely they are just turned off. There is a rheostat that is used to adjust the brightness of the instrument lights. If it is turned too far the lights will go out. Find this rheostat and turn it left or right until your lights come back on.. Answer . Quite likely it is tha (MORE)

What would cause a 1996 Monte Carlo ls to not have parking lights or dash lights but the brake lights and turn signals work bulbs and fuses are good?

Check your fuses again because the parking lights and dash lights often share the same fuse; that is why they both quit. Answer Parking light fuse is not in the fuse block that's on the right side of the dash - its in the fuse block mounted to the drivers wheel well in the engine compartment. Che (MORE)

Why don't the brake lights turn signals or hazards work on the dash or outside on a ford expedition if the fuse is good?

Try the WD-40 fix. The problem is most likely in your hazard flasher switch. Spray WD-40 around the switch and pop it up and down a few time and wiggle it around a bit. This will fix this type of problem most of the time. There is no separate flasher unit as you may remember in older cars. The flash (MORE)

Your tail lights and instrument lights do not work in 1993 Ford Taurus The brake lights turn signals headlamps clock and radio lights all work Checked with meter found no shorts fuses good?

I also have a ford vehicle (1992) and I had this same issue and came to realize it was a short once i had electrical system tests done. The short came from the headlight switch (next to the steering wheel) which had a wire that shorted out and slightly melted the wiring harness. The harness is avail (MORE)

1992 Ford Crown Victoria - dashboard lights and tail lights are not working -all fuses are good- what needs to be replaced?

Check the light switch- it may be sticking or it may be malfunctioning, such as short in the switch. It is possible to repair-but sometimes it might need to be replaced.. A local relaible auto repair shop would be a first suggestion. If that is not satisfactory then go to a dealer. Howver, they ten (MORE)

What fuse number in the fuse panel for a Ford F-150 is for the parking lights tail lights and dash board lights?


No lights on the rear at all Fuses and relays all goodAll front lights workI was wiring a trailer plug in and touched 2 wires together brake tail.Brake lights and tail lights were on.at time 99-Ranger?

Answer by Jessica Todd . Make sure that you dont have a open circuit. recheck the the wires and make sure that somewhere in the back that it is grounded. If that doesnt work then it is possible that there is an inline fusible link that was burned through. ( I dont know off hand if there is one fo (MORE)

How to fix boat trailer lights Both blink while left turn signal is on Tail lights work ok when head lights are on and when right turn signal is on?

Check ground circuit. Check bulbs they are duble filamented one may be burned out. Seems to me there is a wire crossed at the harness. I think the vehicle left turn signal wire is hooked up to the trailer tail lights wire. Usually there are four wires at the trailer harness, yellow, green, white, (MORE)

What needs to be checked when your tail lights as well as your dash lights and brake lights the headlight switch has been changed and the fuses and bulbs are all good in a 98 Ford Contour?

I ha dthis very same problem and couldn't find anything. I replaced the headlight switch twice and while I was trying it the second time I turned the switch on and off and it worked!? What I discovered is that it wasnt the switch itself but the plug that goes into the switch. It wasn't making a good (MORE)

Fuse keeps blowing tail and dash lights not working when you turn on head lights?

"Blowing" Fuses . Fuses and Circuit Breakers are safety devices designed and installed in electrical circuits TO PROTECT the conductors [wires] from short circuits and overload conditions which can cause extreme overheating which can result in damage to the conductors, and worse, the possibility (MORE)

Why does the fuse keeps blowing for dash and tail lights how do you fix this?

Fuses That "Blow" Repeatedly Without being able to "hands on" troubleshoot the circuit served by the repeatedly blowing fuse, none of us can identify the specific defect which is causing your problem . Therefore, the following generic answer can be applied to any electrical circuit , whethe (MORE)

Why should a Toyota 1996 t100 dash light go out all at once when you still have the tail lights working and the fuse is still good and all the dash bulbs are good?

"Dash" [Instrument Panel] Lights "Out" There are several possible causes for this condition, but ... Without doing a "hands on troubleshooting" of your vehicle no one can tell you the specific cause. The first and simplest cause is that the switch that controls the Instrument Panel lights (MORE)

Headlites work but no tail litess or dash lites so i changed all the fuses found out both license plate lites are corroded blown and removed and all parking lights and dash lights dont work Ideas?

Check your headlight switch. You might have a bad switch (fairly common). There are two circuits that go to the headlight switch. One wire feeds the headlights and another one that is fused feeds the taillights. Another wire comes off the headlight swtich and feeds the dash lights usually with a 5 a (MORE)