Why would you expect there to be fewer bees and butterflies where there are fewer weeds?

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Because the flowers that the Bees collect pollen from and produces the nectar that the Butterflies eat is simply not there from being choked out by the weeds. Pull the weeds and the Bees, Butterflies and Hummingbirds will come back.
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Why are there fewer alley cats in the city?

Answer . CARS!. Answer. There are many volunteers who are trapping feral cats, getting them spayed or neutered, and returning them. So, there are fewer kittens. Also, in big cities, there are predators such as rats, coyotes and others.

What is the source of using fewer airplanes?

well, sorry to answer your question with a question, but why do you want to? the aviation community provides jobs for thousands of people, and world commerce is possible mainly because of aircraft. and if this is about global warming, the question I would ask is how do you make aircraft cleaner, ver (MORE)

Why are there fewer coyotes than mice?

There are always fewer predators than prey. It takes a lot of mice to feed a coyote. The mice feed on nutrient-rich seeds and insects, but some of that nutrition is lost in the urine and feces. Much of the energy is used in keeping the mouse alive and functioning, and quite a bit is lost to the envi (MORE)

What is the antonym for fewer?

"A very good antonym is Plenty." I'd suggest that plenty is actually quite a poor antonym for fewer because fewer is a comparative adjective while plenty is not, it might variously be a pronoun, a noun or an adverb. A better antonym would be more: there were fewer people last year and there will (MORE)

Why the higher the fewer?

The further along in life that any Being develops, the fewer in number are those who are true colleague, even though they've yet to meet. I have friends, very good friends and close friends; but though it maybe someone I already know, I've yet to meet my best friend. True friendship is a journey, no (MORE)

What does fewer than 2 mean?

Fewer than two means less than two, which is any number less than two and does NOT include two. . Example: 1, 0.

Why would fewer women do domestic service during the war?

There had been many other job options that had opened up for women when the men had left to fight in WW1. The jobs being offered had better pay and working conditions, so they did other jobs instead of being domestic service.

Which planet has fewer satellites?

In our solar system, Mercury and Venus are known for having nonatural satellites. All the others have at least one, usually more. Earth also has about 3,700 artificial satellites - under a third ofwhich are still operational.

Why did the US have fewer casualties?

The United States did not join the fight against the axis powers (Germany, Japan and Italy) until December 1941, although the USA did provide support in other ways. By 1941 many hundreds of thousands of Britains, Russians, French, Polish, Canadians and others had already died in the conflict. The Un (MORE)

Can you use the word Fewer in a sentence?

Yeah, of course! Here's an example: There are fewer students here today than yesterday's assembly. Or: After the war, the South was left with even fewer materials than they started with. Also: Fewer kids came to Sarah's party than to Flora's party. Hope this helped!

Why are there fewer Billionaires in the UK?

If you mena living in the UK then probably because they have enough money to live lavish lifestyles abroad. Where they can enjoy the sun as it rarely comes out in the UK :)

Why do fewer people get chickenpox now?

It is becoming less common as more and more people have already had it, therefore making it die down a little as it is rare for chicken pox to infect the same person twice

A fewer graps then 12?

There is insufficient information for us to even begin to understand this question. Please edit the question to include more context or relevant information.

Why would you expect to be fewer frogs than worms in the ecosystem?

Well, frogs are scientifically nocturnal, therefore leading them to eat the worms, and worms don't eat frogs, so realistically frogs should have more population than worms because they don't get eaten by as many predators no matter what ecosystem they or you or them or him or she or it or anything!

What would happen if the us had fewer resources?

I believe the question refers to the United States. The term "resources" has many categories. It could mean fewer skilled workers as they are a "resource". It could also mean resources in "technology". And it could mean "natural resources". In any area of resources concerning any nation, not just t (MORE)

Why are there fewer hours of daylight in the winter?

Because of how the earth is tilted. In the western hemisphere in the winter season, the earth is tilted further away from the sun in comparison to the eastern hemisphere because of how the earth sits on its axis. When it is tilted further away from the sun in this point in the revolution, it will re (MORE)

Would there be fewer wars if religion did not exist?

It's hard to tell. Not that we have much choice; religion is deeply ingrained into society. But I don't think so; the reason there is fighting is in the human nature, in humans wanting to opress others, or to show that they are better, or something like that. Without religion, people would find othe (MORE)

How has won the election with fewer votes?

Federally, the States choose the President with the Electoral College. Sometimes (usually) popular vote dictates how the members vote. Usually, if a State is even 51%:49% for a candidate, the candidate gets 100% of the vote. Thus, it has happened that the lesser popular over all vote was reflected i (MORE)

Why is there fewer predators than prey?

There are always fewer predators than prey because there have to be enough prey to reproduce and still keep the predators alive. If there were more predators than prey, the prey population would quickly be reduced to near zero and the predators would starve.

Why do babies get fewer infections if they are breastfed?

The mother's milk has the mother's resistances to disease as partof it. Formula milk contains many things to preserve it that makesit less natural for a child to drink. However, some parents don'thave the option to breastfeed their baby because they are takingmedications, or for several other reason (MORE)