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Why yeast is added to the mixture made for baking cake?

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Yeast is added to mixture of baking cake for the process of fermentation , this helps the gas in escaping from the dough and making it soft and fluffy . BY : JAYAN KHANNA , LANCERS CONVENT
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Why is yeast added to bread dough covered with cloth before baking?

  Answer   Are you asking why the yeast or why the cloth?   The yeast consumes the sugars in the dough, creating small holes filled with carbon dioxide, making th

Can you substitute dry yeast for cake yeast?

    Yes, you can. Typical dry yeast packing includes 3 packets of yeast. Each one is equivalent to one cake of yeast. Be careful to follow the package directions for t

When baking a cake what does it mean when it says to fold one mixture into another mixture?

When baking, folding is a method used to incorporate more air into the mixtures. In order to fold, you need a spatula or a spoon. Carefully pour mixture A into mixture B a lit

What are the baking times for quick bread and yeast bread made in a 7x3x2 metal pan?

  Answer   Exact times will depend on a variety of factors -- your oven's actual temperature, the ingredients used, etc. Instead, bake until set and light brown, then

What happens if you put yeast in cake?

  It probably wouldn't taste very good and it would raise out of you cake pan and also would be like eating a roll and a piece of cake at the same time

What does baking yeast do?

Baking yeast makes food rise and gives it a fluffy taste and feel to your food.

How do you bake a cake?

To bake a cake, first you have to have all the ingredients in your kitchen. You also have to have a bowl and a pan and an oven to bake it in. There are lots of additional ingr

Can you leave cake mixture overnight before you bake it?

  Depends, does the mix have milk or eggs in it. If so then no you cant but if not then yes. I just mean like the wet part. Unless you pout it in the fridge and cover it t

How do you bake a cake with baking soda?

Baking soda is just an element that is to be added to the cake....when baking soda added to the cake mixes with the baking powder,carbon di-oxide is released which gives the c

Are baking soda or baking powder yeasts?

Neither baking soda nor baking powder is a yeast, but each is a leavening agent. In addition, baking powder contains cornstarch, which those who observe Passover strictly do n

How big is a cake of yeast?

From Fleischmann's website: How do I use Fresh Active Yeast? Fresh Active Yeast is the product that Fleischmann's has been manufacturing for over 130 years. It is also tradit