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Why yeast is added to the mixture made for baking cake?

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Yeast is added to mixture of baking cake for the process of fermentation , this helps the gas in escaping from the dough and making it soft and fluffy . BY : JAYAN KHANNA , LANCERS CONVENT
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Can you leave cake mixture overnight before you bake it?

Depends, does the mix have milk or eggs in it. If so then no you cant but if not then yes. I just mean like the wet part. Unless you pout it in the fridge and cover it then yo

When baking a cake what does it mean to fold in a mixture?

It basically means to use a spatula or spoon and slowly mix the new ingredient into the mixture. It's very hard to explain this in words. Usually you move the spoon from the b

Can you use yeast in baking cake?

Yeast can be used in only a very few specific cake recipes. Cakes properly have a tender "crumb" rather than the elastic nature created with yeast in breads. Cakes get their l

Can you substitute baking powder or baking soda for yeast in an apple cake?

If recipe calls for yeast, use yeast. To change it will require significant adjustments and you will probably ruin several before getting close.
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What liquid can be added to dry cake after baking?

A dry cake can be the basis for an excellent dessert. Any numberof liquids can be poured slowly over the cake so that it is soakedup until the cake is quite saturated. Rum, br