Why you do not see the moon during new moon?

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Because at the time of each new moon, the earth is blocking the light from the sun from reflecting off the surface of the moon.


I disagree.

At the moment of "new moon," and when there is also not a solar eclipse going on (which can only happen at new moon), you cannot see the moon because you would have to look almost directly at the Sun to view it. The Sun's brightness and glare prevents you from seeing the unlit side of the Moon presented toward Earth.

The time when Earth's shadow blocks the Sun's light from reaching the Moon is called a lunar (opposite of solar) eclipse. This can only happen at full moon; however, it never results in the Moon being invisible. The Moon will always be visible during the deepest lunar eclipse because of Earth's atmosphere, which bends and refracts some of the Sun's light onto the moon's surface.

You cannot see the moon at or near the moment of "new moon" because the bright Sun is almost directly "behind" it from our point of view.
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Why cant you see the moon during the new phase?

During the new moon phase, the moon is in a position between the Earth and the Sun. This means that light rays are still hitting the moon, but not in our direction. Since the

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go somewhere on the other side of earth and there will be a full moon Additional answer. No there won't! The phase of the Moon is more or less the same wherever you are

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During the new moon phase, light from the Sun can only reach the side of the Moon that is facing away from us, as the Moon at this point is roughly between the Sun and Earth.

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Because at that time, the moon is between the earth and sun. In that position, the half of the moon that's lit up by the sun is the half turned away from you. The half you

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Moonlight is actually sunlight reflecting off its bright surface. When the Moon is in the "New Moon" phase, that means the side of the Moon facing Earth is experiencing its ni

Why do you not see the moon during new moon?

Because its position in the sky relative to Earth and the Sun means that the face pointing to Earth is unlit. As the month progresses the relative positions change and more an

Why cant we see the moon during the new moon phase?

You can see the New Moon, if by that you mean that first slim crescent. (It'll be quite close to the Sun, so look carefully). It's the "Dark of the Moon" you can't see, becaus