Why you use NAND and NOR gates instead of basic gates?

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Mainly because you can make any other gates only with these (instead of getting 5 different sets of gates, you just use a single one -NOR or NAND- and achieve the same goal)
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Universal properties of NAND and NOR gate?

This question really needs a little more context, but an attempt would be: 1: Properties common to both NAND and NOR gates: - they are both electronic logic circuits (as

Why NAND and NOR gates are called universal gates?

NAND AND NOR gates are called universal gates , becaus with a combination NAND and NOR gates alone, it's possible to create all other logic gates like AND, OR, XOR etc and you

Why NAND and NOR gate is prefarable?

You can build any other logic gate out of NAND gates (or NOR gates, or both). They are a simple building block for logic circuits and easily implemented in silicon.

Why Nand and nor gate is called universal gate?

They r called universal gates as they can be used 2 design all other logic circuit elements like XOR,NOR,etc. also these gates can be realized through easy combination of diod

How can you justify that NAND and NOR gates are universal gates?

Nand, Nor, And, and Or gates are the most commonly used logic circuits. We also have XAnd, Xor and Inverting gates. Most electronic components producers make variations of t
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Draw x-nor using nand gate?

Z = ¬( ¬(A * B) * ¬( ¬(A * A) * ¬(B * B) ) The above requires 5 NAND gates, but it has race conditions thatmay give problems in some applications. See if you c
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Why is nand gate prefer over nor gate?

The nand gate is prefered over the nor gate because for a nand gate, all other states are true except the 1 1 state which is false while for a nor gate all other states are fa
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How can you proof that NAND and NOR gates are universal?

You can make them universal by simply adding an inverter to the end of the gates if you needed to make it do the opposite of what it is designed to do. make positive into nega