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Wie heißt das berühmteste Polizeihauptquartier in London?

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Wie heißt das berühmteste Polizeihauptquartier in London? translates as What is the name of the most famous police HQ in London?

Das berühmteste Polizeihauptquartier Londons (und der Welt) ist New Scotland Yard.

London's (and the world's) most famous police HQ is New Scotland Yard.
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What does Wie geht's mean in German?

Wie geht's? is used for How are you?/ How's it going?/What's up? It is a shortened version of the phrase 'Wie geht es Dir?' (informal) or 'Wie geht es Ihnen?' (formal) and ca

What does 'Wie heißt sie' mean?

"Wie heißt sie?" means "What's her name?" in English. But maybe you meant "Wie heißen Sie?" This is the formal way to address someone we haven't met so far or a person of gr

What is wie gehts in German?

"Wie gehts?" = "How are you?"

What does wie wir kampfen mean?

wie wir kämpfen sounds like the fragment of a sentence. Depending on context it could be translated as how we fight, how to fight or fight like us.

What does wie mean?

Windows Internet Explorer   OR "how" in German :)

What is dA?

DA is used as an abbreviation for many groups of words. Some  include district attorney, department of agriculture, and data  analysis.

Vie gehts or wie gehts?

Wie geht's is correctly spelled; however, it is actually pronounced like vie geht's, since the w sound in German is the v sound in English.

What does wie mean in german?

Wie can have many different meanings/uses in German, but probably the most frequent is as a question word: "how" or "what." Examples: Wie geht's? = how are you/what's up?

How do you respond to wie geht's?

"Wie geht's" is asking "how are you?" So you would reply with how you are doing. Ich bin... (I am....) Gut (good) schlecht (bad) nicht so gut (not so good) müde (tired) froh

Wie macht man gluehwein?

How to make mulled wine: I've found a few recipes on the internet and added them under related links below (two of them are in german, I hope it's not a problem. If so, just a