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The only ones who need to fear re-education are those who resist. You either believe in economic justice or you believe in the US Constitution. Make the wrong choice and suffer the consequences.
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Who did Barack Obama beat to be the us president?

In 2008, Barack Obama won the Presidential election over his Republican rival, Arizona Senator John McCain. In 2012, he won again, defeating his Republican rival, former Massa

Who was the US President before Barack Obama?

George W. Bush was the United States President when BarackObama was elected president in 2008. Bush was elected into officein 2000 against Al Gore and won a reelection in the

Was President Barack Obama born in the US?

Yes, unquestionably, Barack Obama was born in the US. You can see a copy of his birth certificate at the Fight the Smears web site in the related links below. It has been vali

When did Barack Obama become a US Senator?

After serving three terms as an Illinois State Senator, beginning in 1996, Mr. Obama was then elected to the U.S. Senate in 2004, and sworn into office January 4, 2005.

Did Barack Obama use another name?

No. Barack is the name that his father gave to him. As a child he went by the nickname "Barry" but that was never his legal name.

How long has Barack Obama lived in the us?

Obama has lived in the US for all of his life of 50 plus years, except for a four years, from age 6 to 10 when he lived with mother in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Why is Barack Obama President of the US?

President Obama holds the office because, after a long and arduous  campaign, he received more votes.

Why did Barack Obama not serve in the US Military?

Mr. Obama was too young to serve-- he was born in 1961 and by the time he was old enough, the Vietnam war had ended and there was no other war going on; the draft had also com

Is Barack Obama a US citizen?

Yes, contrary to the myths spread by the Birthers, President Obama was in fact born in Hawaii in 1961. He is a U.S. citizen, having been born here. This has been verified repe

How will Barack Obama help us?

He plans to help America with Strong, truthful plans, and he will make change for the better. He won't help us, he will continue to dig us into a greater ditch that was creat

What has Barack Obama done for us?

It depends on what you mean by "done for us." His supporters would say he has done a lot-- he brought the war in Iraq to an end and as a result, most of the troops from that w