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Will Barack Obama force us onto collective farms?

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The only ones who need to fear re-education are those who resist. You either believe in economic justice or you believe in the US Constitution. Make the wrong choice and suffer the consequences.
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What did Barack Obama use?

In his own writings, he admitted to being an indifferent student, getting in with a bad crowd, and smoking marijuana while in high school; he also admitted to trying cocaine.

How do you use Barack Obama in a sentence?

Barack Obama is the first African-American to become president of the United States.

How did Barack Obama improve the US?

Obama has only been president for 2 years . It is far too soon to judge his actions- too soon to say what improved and what may have harmed the country. It is even too soon to

Is Barack Obama good for the US?

This is a matter of opinion. Some people believe that he is still good for the US, but however, many people now think that he is not.

How many times has Barack Obama used Air Force One for personal use?

It is difficult to answer this question because no president uses Air Force One exclusively for personal use. The president is the leader of our country, and he requires speci

What did Barack Obama teach us?

In connection with the Peace Prize I will always remember the lesson that it is now more important to be politically correct that to actually make any contribution to peace. E

Has not served in the us armed forces Barack Obama or Mitt Romney or both?

Neither man served in the military. Mr. Romney got a deferment so that he could be a Mormon missionary in France during the Vietnam War. Mr. Obama was only a little child duri

Who will be the US president after Barack Obama?

No one can possibly know who will be president after Barack Obama  at this early stage (February, 2013). We don't even know who will  be running in the primaries, much less

What was Barack Obama US representative for?

Barack Obama did not serve as a US Representative (a member of the House of Representatives). He was first elected as a state senator in Illinois in 1996, and after three term

When did Barack Obama came to the US?

Barack Obama the president was born in the United States, inHawaii, in 1961. But his father, Barack Obama (Senior) was born inKenya, and came to the United States to study at