Will Blu-ray work on 780 TVs or only 1080?

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Yes it will work but It will down convert the picture to 780p. On smaller HDTV's you supposedly can't tell the difference but in my opinion if going Blue Ray you ought to go all the way seeing how expensive it is.
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Will a Blu Ray player work on a regular TV?

Almost all BluRay players have an analog video output which can be used to connect to standard definition televisions. The output is a copy of the HDMI output but is only stan

Will a Blu-ray player work with a normal television?

By normal TVs, I assume you mean regular resolution TVs. Blu-Ray players require High Definition output, and that means you need to play Blu-Ray movies on HD capable televisio

Will a blu-ray player work with any tv?

Yes it will. To get HD, it must be a television with HD capability and an HDMI input. If the television only has analog inputs, the player will still work but all discs will b

How do you connect a Blu-ray DVD player which only has a HDMI port to an old TV?

If your Blu-ray player ONLY has an HDMI out then I think you're buying a new TV. Older TVs don't have HDMI in. However, check to see if your Blu-ray player has other outputs.