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Will Blu-ray work on 780 TVs or only 1080?

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Yes it will work but It will down convert the picture to 780p. On smaller HDTV's you supposedly can't tell the difference but in my opinion if going Blue Ray you ought to go all the way seeing how expensive it is.
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How does a TV work?

Well, first of all light in the box is transfered into the box and it makes color, or black and white. This light is a regular light read a science book of some sort an you will find out about the light thingy. .

How does the TV work?

the tv works by plugging it in to the wall and plug the white cord into the wall than you. have cable if you have a cable box than you set it up on your tv

How do TVs work?

There are many resources that offer detailed and very technical descriptions of television technology. It is a complex system and there is space here for no more than a very brief summary. Television cameras convert light into electrical signals. The signal they generate is a stream of data that re (MORE)

Do you need a digital tv for Blu-ray?

No you don't. But if you are connecting it to view the HD picture and enhanced sound you should be connecting it to an HD TV. There are a couple of connection choices here. Use either the component video (red/green/blue RCA connectors with the stereo - left and right (red and white RCA audio connect (MORE)

When will tv broadcasters start using the 1080 format?

Many of them already are, but even after the digital transmission changeover in Febuary 17, 2009, many can (and probably will) continue to use the old 525 line NTSC format recorded programs, but will have 'line doubled' the picture to be compatible with the digital transmission systems.

Can your UK bought LG TV work in the US if you only use it with a cable box?

It is quite possible that a UK or European television will operate in the US but there are several issues that may prevent it working.. First, US mains voltage is 110V against the European standard of 230V. Check the television to ensure that it will operate at 110V. Second, Europe uses PAL colour (MORE)

How a TV works?

The screen is a combination of squares. Each square can show two colors at a time. Making the thousands of squares an image you see today!

Will a Blu Ray player work on a regular TV?

Almost all BluRay players have an analog video output which can be used to connect to standard definition televisions. The output is a copy of the HDMI output but is only standard definition. To experience the HD quality, and HD television with an HDMI interface is needed.

How TVs work?

So seriously oversimplifying it as to be nearly useless (but thefull explanation is beyond the scope of this website): . a TV camera converts images to a series of individually coded(either analog or digital) pixels; microphones convert sounds tocoded audio signals . the pixels are transferred on (MORE)

Can you watch Blu-ray on regular TV?

Yes. Blu-Ray players will only operate with a standard definition television using the analog outputs on the player. The outputs are standard definition of course, so the HD quality of the BluRay disc won't be seen.

Why do plasma TVs have only 60hz and LCD TVs have 120hz?

Actually plasma screens are in total 600hz but they are divided in 10 subfields, each of which run at 60hz. But in conclusion, 10 subfields of 60hz reduce motion blur almost to zero and look alot cleaner than 1 subfield of 120hz, 240hz, etc.

Does it make sense to buy a 1080 TV when 1080 signals aren't broadcast?

\n1080 signals are being broadcast right now in the 1080i format. The "i" stands for interlaced and it means that on each scan of the screen (50 or 60 times each second) half the image is updated. The image is made up of 1080 lines so the first scan will show all the odd numbers, the next will sho (MORE)

Why does my TV has no picture only snow?

If you are using an analog TV, there are basically no more analog TV broadcasts other than a very few low power transmitters. From now on, you need a digital receiver. They can be obtained from electronic retailers for a few dollars and will allow you to receive digital broadcasts in the same way a (MORE)

How does a cathode-ray tube television work?

\nA cathode ray tube is in the monitor. A hot filament at the rear end of the tube releases electrons. They are negatively charged particles. They are drawn toward a plate which has a positive charge. As they fly toward the plate, electro magnets turn on and off real fast and alter their paths. When (MORE)

What is a Blu-ray ready tv?

Any tv that has HMDI inputs is Blu-ray ready, but to enjoy the full benefits of Blu-ray, it should be running at 1080p or 1080i resolution. 1080p is considered the better of the two and the p stands for progressive, or one continuous stream, while the i stands for interlaced, and is two streams of i (MORE)

Is 1080 the best and only way to kill pests?

No it's just an old rat poison that is no longer readily available. if you can get your hands on it, it may be the best poison for other mammals. For example it is used for coyotes.

Will a Blu-ray player work with a normal television?

By normal TVs, I assume you mean regular resolution TVs. Blu-Ray players require High Definition output, and that means you need to play Blu-Ray movies on HD capable television sets. Even on my DIGISTOR external Blu-Ray drive, I still need a computer monitor that is HD/HDCP capable, so that I can w (MORE)

How do you hook up a HD tv and Blu-ray system and digital cable box to have the surround sound system work all the time?

Connect the AUDIO INPUT of the Sound system to the AUDIO OUTPUT of the TV set. Connect the Cable Box to the #1 VIDEO input on the TV. Connect the BLUE RAY to the #2 VIDEO input of the TV set. The TV might have a AUDIO OUTPUT function in the AUDIO MENU. switch this to FIXED. This will send a even aud (MORE)

Does a Blu-ray tv have a better picture than an lec tv?

Bluray is the disc format developed by Sony for HD video content. It is not a television format and only refers to the storage medium. All Bluray disc players need a display and it may be plasma, LDC or LED based. It is therefore impossible to compare Bluray to types of TV.

How does a Blu-ray look on regular tv?

Most Bluray players have a standard definition output as well as HDMI (The HD output). In most cases, a Bluray player will convert high definition material to standard definition for output through the analog standard definition ports. This allows Bluray players to be used with most televisions bu (MORE)

Can you connect a Blu-ray player to a projection tv?

Yes you can. Use the HDMI connector on the projector if there is one. If not, you will need to use the analog outputs of the Bluray player and this will support only standard definition signals rather than HD.

When friends the tv show is going to be released on blu ray?

Friends was filmed using 16mm film and standard definition video. There is no HD archive of the program because HD wasn't around when the program was being produced. Although a Bluray version will probably become available in the future, the resolution will remain SD even though it has been stored (MORE)

Does apple TV work on TVs?

Yes. It allows you to stream content from your iTunes library, Netflix and the iTunes store to your TV.

What kind of TV for Blu-ray player?

Any television will work with a Bluray player but to get the full quality of the Bluray format, you will need an HD television with an HDMI input. Televisions that do not have an HMDI input can use the analog output from the player but the signal will be SD rather than HD.

Is your TV Blu-ray compatible?

If your television has an HDMI input then it will handle the HD signals from a Blu-Ray player. If it doesn't then the analog SD outputs will still work but of course, not in HD.

Can you fit Blu-ray to none digitial tv?

Yes you can. Bluray players have analog outputs that can be connected to analog and standard definition televisions. The output is converted to standard definition and to get HD quality, an HD television is needed.

Will a blu-ray player work with any tv?

Yes it will. To get HD, it must be a television with HD capability and an HDMI input. If the television only has analog inputs, the player will still work but all discs will be displayed in SD quality rather than HD.

Will a sony Blu-ray bdp-bx57 work with a analog tv?

Yes it will. This model, like almost all Bluray players has analog outputs to connect with older, standard definition televisions. The output will only be a standard definition version of the HD content but it will operate without problems.

When is the x-files tv series coming out on Blu-ray?

There are rumors that Fox is working on a relase of the X Files forBlu-Ray but no date has been set. Originally it was thought thatsometime in 2013 they would be released but as we are now in 2014it's difficult to tell.

Is using a blu ray player with a 720p tv worth it?

720p is one of the HD formats so it will display HD quality. Although most Bluray content is generated as a 1080 signal, some is produced as 720p. Either will work on any HD television although using a television with a native 1080 line display will deliver the best resolution available for any curr (MORE)

Is Blu-ray compatible with a 720 tv?

A television capable of displaying 720p is a high definition one and therefore will handle Bluray disks, whether they contain 1080 or 720 format video signals.

Can Blu-ray be played on older TVs?

HD televisions with an HDMI connections are required in order to view the content in HD. Bluray players have analog outputs that can be connected to older, non HD televisions.

How do you connect a Blu-ray DVD player which only has a HDMI port to an old TV?

If your Blu-ray player ONLY has an HDMI out then I think you're buying a new TV. Older TVs don't have HDMI in. However, check to see if your Blu-ray player has other outputs. Almost all have standard definition outputs such as composite video, S-video or component video with a separate sound output. (MORE)

What model televisions work with the Chief TV mounts?

The company Chief MFG produces the following types of TV mounts: Ceiling mounts, fixed wall mounts, full swing wall mounts, in-wall mounts, tilting wall mounts and video wall mounts. All types of Chief mounts can be professionally mounted by a Chief representative. The representative will tell you i (MORE)