Will Breaking Dawn be made into a movie?

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Breaking Dawn has been filmed and split up in two movies. The dates when they first hit the theaters in the USA are:

Breaking Dawn Part 1: November 18, 2011.
Breaking Dawn Part 2: November 16, 2012.
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Are they making a Breaking Dawn movie?

they hope to as it will be the most exsiting part of the sieres as Bella gets pregnant and married and turns into a vampire so they hope 2 but they might not be able to they only got the rights to 3 books there trying to get the rights to breaking dawn if they can get the rights then they will if n (MORE)

Will Breaking Dawn also be a movie?

Stephanie Meyer has confirmed that Summit Entertainment will be making all twilight books into movies. If scheduling goes well and according to plan New Moon will be released in November20, 2009, Eclipse in June 30,2010, Breaking Dawn 2011. It was decided that Breaking Dawn is going to be cut into t (MORE)

When will Breaking Dawn be created into a movie?

Breaking Dawn is not coming out until November of 2010.It is said that there is a possibility that breaking dawn will come out in theatres. Stephanie Meyer says that it if they want to do this that they will have to split the movie into two parts because so many things happen during the book.. Ofco (MORE)

What will Breaking Dawn as a movie be rated?

They are rating it PG-13. Well they suppossedly can't make it rated r because the contract between stephiene and summit. when they bought the rights to her book's she told them they have to be rated PG-13 also because of her religious background, which I have no idea how that ties into it, but that (MORE)

Breaking Dawn will there be a movie?

Of Course there will be a movie! Stephenie Meyer would not have written the book if she wasn't going to make a movie of it!! That is why she writes them! .

What is the movie Breaking Dawn about?

finally gets married to edward and goes on a honey moon but ends up getting pregnant. edward wants to kill the baby but Bella wants to keep it Jacob finds out gets mad sees the baby and imprints on her Bella becomes a vampire and Jacob leaves the wolf pack and forms his own pack

What happens in Breaking Dawn the movie?

Bella and Edward get married and end up having a half-human half-vampire baby, called Reneesme and Jacob imprints on it. Then the Irina sees the baby and thinks it is a vampire baby and goes to the Volturi and they come to destroy it because at one time, vampire children were mass created, and the V (MORE)

Is The Twilight Saga breaking dawn going to be made a movie?

yes breaking dawn is going to be made in a movie...its production starts in late 2010 and probably it will be in two parts dhu people do u think that the actors want to do this movie all summer i mean they have a life all they here is cut and action for hours and days and months that's how long it t (MORE)

Where is Breaking Dawn going to be made?

Since there is still no director for it there is no filming location for it. In fact it is still pretty much a rumor that it is going to be filmed in the first place.

Will Breaking Dawn from The Twilight Saga be made into 2 movies?

yes it would be 2 movies unless they skip lots of parts but if not it will be rated R. The movie will be in 2 parts because they want to go in detail with the story since breaking dawn is one of the best books and plus they also want to make as much money off the movie as they can since its the last (MORE)

Will Breaking Dawn be made into 2 movies?

Stephenie Meyer is thinking that it should because the book is soo long. The studio, Variety , they are considering to splitting the 754 page book into two films.. Sooo yess!

Will Breaking Dawn be the last movie?

well its not quite the last 1 because theres a book name the host and the movie is gonna come out like in a very long time but Bella or edward or any of the characters wont b in the host movie i think im not sure they could come in the host or they don't come in but im sure they don't come in the ho (MORE)

What is the movie Breaking Dawn going to be about?

its about Bella and Edwards "physical" romance (ooh!!) and when Bella becomes pregnant (hopefully they wil skip the nasty birth scene) and then part of the book is in Jacob perspective and how he deals with the fact that Bella will never be his but in the end she becomes his...mother in law makes no (MORE)

Is the Breaking Dawn movie finished?

No, The Breaking Dawn Part 1 movie will start filming in November 2010 and will be in the cinemas in November 2011. The Breaking Dawn Part 2 movie will start filming in November 2011 and be in cinemas in November 2012. Then that's the end of the Twilight Saga! forever...

What is movie Breaking Dawn about?

The movie isn't out yet. The first part comes out December 2010. The book is about Bella and Edward getting married and their little surprise Renesmee coming.

Why should Breaking Dawn be made into a movie?

It should be made into a movie because all the other films in the twilight saga series were made into films. They wouldn't want to leave them people who have watched Twilight, New Moon and Eclispe cliffhanged without seeing the last series.

How long is Breaking Dawn the movie?

I am just reading the book now, but the book is long so probably so is the movie, but they haven't made the movie yet so there is no certain time yet. . no its supposed to be 3 parts, 1st-Bella's point of view t their hunny moon, 2nd-Jacob's point of view when Bella is pregnant and 3rd-Bella's po (MORE)

Who are the character in the movie of breaking of dawn?

Edward Bella Jacob Renesmee Carlisle Esme Alice Jasper Rosalie Emmett Charlie Renee Phil Seth Leah Sam Jared Embry Quil Paul Jane Aro Felix Cauis Marcus Demetri Alec PLUS all the new vampires that come to help (all i can say without mentioning the story line)

When will Breaking Dawn be made what year?

Breaking Dawn Part 1 is currently being made and is due to be released in cinemas around November 2011 and Part 2 is due to be in cinemas around the end of 2012! Hope that helps!!!

What is break of dawn movie about?

breaking dawn is about BELLA getting married and also becoming a mother voltori doesn't let immortal [children that are vampire's] live. Bellas daughter looks like an immortal child. JACOB has a part to when the wolves decide to kill Bella's baby while the baby is still in side Bella .Jacob imprint (MORE)

Are they making a movie after Breaking Dawn?

Unless Meyer completes Midnight Sun, its doubtful unless someone purchases the rights to the story and Meyer is willing to sell it. Also it's doubtful that Midnight Sun could be made into a film as it would simply be a different take on Twilight with many scenes being the same. It is possible how (MORE)

Is Breaking Dawn the fourth movie?

Yes, Summit Entertainment will film an adaptation of Stephenie Meyer's "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn" and split it into two parts. The first movie is scheduled for release on November 18, 2011. The second will arrive in theaters in 2012. Both "Breaking Dawn" movies will be directed by Bill Condo (MORE)

Will Breaking Dawn be made into one or two movies?

Breaking Dawn is going to be made into two movies because of how long the book is, and how (nearly) impossible it would be to fit the entire (750+ page) book into a 90 minute movie. The first part will be in theaters November 18th, 2011. The second part will be released in 2012. Spoiler Alert (MORE)

When will Breaking Dawn be in movies?

The fantastic novel, Breaking Dawn, is being split into two parts. Part 1 will be out in theaters on November 18, 2011. Part 2 will be out in 2012. There is no date yet. Hope I helped!

What is the Breaking Dawn about in the twilight movies?

Breaking Dawn is the final chapter of the twilight saga, it would release in November 18 2011, well if you have watched eclipse you would know that Bella picked Edward as her love but in breaking Dawn they get married and have a baby, and Jacob imprints on the baby. for more read the books or be laz (MORE)

Who is nahuel movie Breaking Dawn?

He is a half-human, half-vampire, who killed his mother being born, and helped the Cullens and the other vampires against the Volturi. Otherwise he is nothing else... :-)

How good is Breaking Dawn the movie?

I JUST saw the movie and it is AMAZING! Anyone who isn't planning on seeing it is either: a) Out of their mind(s) b) Doesn't have good taste in movies c) Is purposely trying to torture themself/themselves Share this great comment about the movie plz because if you do, you will be spreading the joy (MORE)

How does the movie breaking dawn go?

they take off to rio de janeiro for their honey moon.later they have u know what but its funny cus when they wake up the room is trashed and everything broken cuz of edwards strength. Bella figures out she is pregnant and edward gets angry cus the baby is making her weak .later she brakes her back a (MORE)

What is the twilight movie Breaking Dawn about?

breaking dawn is about when Bella and Edward get marred and everyone is there and Bella and Edward go on a honeymoon and they have sex and now Bella is pregnant and now the Cullen's don't know what to do its getting big and fast growing they cant do nothing she will die before she can deliver and Ja (MORE)