Will I be responsible for my husband's student loans in a divorce?

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IF his student loans accumulated before the marriage, no you will not have to pay for them. However, if it is something that he did while you were married the court may see it as him provding for the two of you and you may be responsible for a share. I would contact an attorney and discuss when the student loans came to be and what you can do to get out of paying.
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Am I responsible for paying off my deceased husband's automobile loan?

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Can your husband be held responsible for your student loans?

In California, a community property state, all income and property of the family unit is subject to consideration for repayment of student loan debts. If student loans are in
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The estate is responsible for paying the debts of a decedent. However, in the case of a mortgage, the decedent transferred an interest in the property to a lender in exchange
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Does my husband's student loan die with him?

Yes. The banks and credit cards would like all of us to think we have to pay back loans and debts of our parents or spouses, but that is not true. We don't have to pay them.
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It depends upon the type of loan, liability, concern, basis, security (at that time or later if change, with reason) and motivation. According to The Country Law, reason, time