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Will Malaysia return Sabah to the rightfull owner?

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Returning Sabah may not be the issue for Malaysia, but the interest of Malaysia to Profit out of Sabah. It was said that the net profit of Malaysia to Sabah and Sarawak combined could be 40 to 50 % of their GNP . Looking closely , Malaysia will not let Sabah and Sarawak go off their hand without provocation of a probable war. However, the advent of modern advocacy under UN charters may put end to this long and standing problem of Sabah like Hongkong that was returned to China lately, Forfeiting the real owner of their rights as the legitimate and sovereign owner of the land, the Sultanate of Sulu is now at the mercy of the UN or any country that will sponsor the case against Malaysia.

Many countries of the world now has managed to get away from their captors through the intervention of UN. The problem today of finding a sponsor country for the Sultanate remains unclear, since the Sultanate of Sulu has been stripped out of her Political power to become a member nation of UN.The only probable solution is to privately lodge a case to ICJ if will be permitted. To return Sabah to the Sultanate of Sulu is almost as impossible task but hope is still and miracle could happen only as an alternative.
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