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Will Scott Hall return to World Wrestling Entertainment?

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Scott Hall swallowed a toothpick during a WWF segment, since then he's vowed to never work for the company again.p.s. if u watch that you are gay
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How old do you have to be to get into World Wrestling Entertainment?

Age doesnt matter, you need a wrestling license and you have to  have wrestled for 2-3 years prior to entering the WWE Sept. 4, 2008  No age does matter, you must be at leas

Is Scott hall dead?

No.Scott Hall is not dead.He used to be in the wwe and wcw but now I do believe is in TNA.He used to be known as "Razor Ramon."

Does Scott steiner still wrestle?

Scott Steiner has since been released from TNA, and now wrestles in Europe for American Wrestling Rampage

What ever happened to the wrestler Scott hall?

He's still around. He has an internet show and he makes appearances on the independent circuit. Lately he has done several dates in Arkansas for Sid Vicious' promotion DCW.

Is world wrestling entertainment real?

yes and no, high flying moves are 100% real, but powerful moves and slams are only sometimes real, but yes the matches are choreographed and scripted

Who is the first black wrestling champion of sports entertainment?

The first black Wrestling Champion of a major promotion was Bobo Brazil. Black Wrestling Champions of the Attitude Era up to the modern Sports Entertainment era include Ron

Are the wrestlings at WWE are genuine and real or prearranged or just entertainment?

Answer if wwe is fake Some are some aren't .It usually takes a keen eye in telling what is what, and a good wrestling background while you're at it.'fake' matches are like Ra

Where is Scott hall?

Scott hall also known as Razor Ramone is right now in TNA total non-stop action.

World wrestling entertainment relationships?

Answer Some real life WWE releationships are:    Stephanie McMahon and Triple H. (married)   C.M. Punk and AJ LEE (married)   Bobby Lashley and Krystal Marshall

Will scott steiner return to the WWE?

only if and when his dues are paid to THE MAN up above all and he aint paid his dues or even tried to befriend the man above yet, so he must be cheap or blind not to see the o

What are the benefits of becoming a World Wrestling Entertainment referee?

Well, you get paid more than any other wrestling referees in the world, you get to travel the nation and indeed the world, it's a full-time job and any extras will probably be

What is the corporate phone number and address of world wrestling entertainment?

  General Contacts   Please do not send or e-mail any materials (including scripts, screenplays, storylines, ideas, music, business proposals, marketing concepts, etc