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Will a tokina 28-80 2.8f atx pro lens auto focus on a Nikon d40?

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No....it does not have a built in focusing motor (AF-S in Nikon terms). In fact I'm selling mine because it won't auto focus with other DSLR cameras (even after servicing) that don't require AF-S. ( But it does work great with manual focus).
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Is it worth getting a 55-200mm lens for a Nikon D40 when taking sports photography?

I would definitly answer "yes" to the best quality lens you can afford. I shoot soccer as an advanced hobby and find that even the 70-200mm VR lens is sometimes not long enoug

Will the tokina lens mount on a Nikon d300?

  There is Nikon F mount version for Tokina lens.   Nikon D300 uess F mount, it will work for sure.   But make sure to by "Nikon Mount" other than canon, petax, or s

What kind of lens do you need for a Nikon d40?

  There is a wide selection of lenses you can pick most nikon lenses would fit but diffrent companies like telephoto lenses wont autofocus because the nikon d40 autofocus

Will any Nikon lens fit on a Nikon D40 camera?

Yes, but they won't act the same on a D40 as more expensive Nikons. Only AF, AF-D, AF-S, and G lenses will meter on a D40 and ony AF-S and G lenses will auto focus on a D40.