Will a wild mother cat abandon her kittens if handled by humans?

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In most cases WILD mother cats will abandon their kittens. Mothers cats will abandon the kittens if she senses that the kittens are no longer safe. Human smell on the kittens makes the mother cat want to reject the kitten/s. It is best not to handle the kittens of wild cats, but there are exceptions and that is if the kittens are in danger or possibly harm. Then you may have to move them, but be prepared to adopt and bottle feed the kittens.
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Why do some human mothers abandon their child?

The question here is why do mothers abandon their children. Well, one must concider differant reasons. But the most certain reason is because she is done and does not feel supported enough to go on to abandon her children to protect herself.. My husband abused me daily. He threatened me everyday. W (MORE)

Why does a mother cat move her kittens?

She usually moves them because she doesn't feel the spot they are in is "safe enough". When a mother is worried about her kittens, she may move them to hide them form everyone and everything, even you. If she feels very threatened, she may kill her kittens as a form of protecting them. If you see (MORE)

Why is mother cat hissing at her kittens?

If the kittens are more than a month and a half old , the time has come for them to get independent and she won't nurse them anymore that is why she is hissing.. The mother cat is also hissing at them because they need to become independent out there without her care anymore. It's one way to scare (MORE)

Why do mother cat kill there kittens?

They do that to their disabled kittens , because in nature they won't be able to survive .. It's also because if that sick/disabled kitten dies around where she is nursing other kittens, it can bring diseases and predators to other surviving kittens. Best thing in the wild is for mother to eat the (MORE)

Why does a mother cat kill her own kittens?

Mother cats typically will kill their own litter for one of twogeneral reasons: . the mother is stressed or threatened in her environment;or . the kitten or the litter is somehow defective. More likely, if a new litter fails to thrive and/or is found dead,chewed, partially eaten, or missing, th (MORE)

How many kittens can a mother cat have?

That I know of, between 4-8. But sometimes if the mother cat is thin or smaller than she should be she might give birth to less kittens and you never know how many kittens she might have. Some cats only have one kitten while others have 5 or something.

Why Do Wild Mother Cats Kill Their Kittens?

Any animal that kills its offspring does so out of stress that over rides their instinct to procreate.. Either the babies are malformed, or there is environmental stress, such as lack of food or water.

Will a mother cat kill her kitten if you have handled the it?

The real question is, is the cat yours? Are you close to the cat, and does she trust you. She will NOT kill the kitten, but she may bite or scratch you if sh is not familiar with you. She will allow people she is close to to handle the kittens from the day they are born. Unless you are sure the cat (MORE)

Are mother cats protective of their kittens?

They are overprotective because they don't want their babies to get hurt just the same as humans. so yup. There is no such thing as being overprotective when you are a mother cat. but a mother cat will protect her kittens.

Why does Mother cat abandon a kitten?

In some cases the mother cat knows the kitten is dying, such as the runt of the litter, and she abandons it to give her other kittens a better chance of survival. Another reason a mother cat will abandon the kitten is caused by the mother being far too young to have a litter, and therefore abandons (MORE)

Why do mother cat lay on there kitten?

They try to keep them as warm as possible i should assume ive had a new kittens from my 18 month old cat i havent seen them yet they cry for ages and they clean it the feed it and they lay on them.

Will a stray cat abandon her kittens if they have been touched by humans?

Some cats will. If the cat is afraid of humans, and if her kittens smell like a human to her from being touched by one, she may very well not want to go near them. This wouldn't be the case all the time, however. The smell may not be strong enough to bother her, or she may ignore it and follow her m (MORE)

Why does a mother cat eat a kitten?

This is very sad but can happen. Sometimes the mother thinks that the kitten does not belong to her, or she doesn't want it, in some cases this is even because they are so hungry they will eat anything. If the kittens die of weakness/illness the cat may eat it as it is nutritious, just as they will (MORE)

Mother cat and the kittens have diarrhea?

At one time or another every cat has a bout of vomiting or diarrhea. Usually they have eaten something disagreeable, eaten too much or too fast, are overly excited or nervous, have hairballs, or their body is reacting to any of a number of other non-serious conditions. however if both mother cat and (MORE)

Why does a mother cat abandon her kittens?

There are several reasons a queen would abandon her kittens. The most common one is that the kittens are old enough to take care of themselves and the queen has weaned them off. Another reason may be the kittens have been disturbed by humans or predators, and the queen refuses to return to the kitte (MORE)

What does a mother cat do when you take away her kittens?

The mother cat will be really ticked off at you if you disturb her litter of kittens. If they are wild, that is. Chances are, if you touch a mother cat's kitten or kittens, she'll neglect them after the scent of human is on her kittens. Translation: She's saying, "They touched you and I'm not caring (MORE)

Why do mother cats scatter the kittens?

When mother cats scatter their kittens, that is a sign ofabandonment. Most mother cats will start scattering their young atapproximately three weeks of age so independence can begin to betaught.

How does a mother cat carry her kittens?

Mother cats carry their kittens by biting down on the loose skin of the top of the kitten's neck. This is a good way for you to pick them up too, until they get heavier.

Will a mother cat eat there kittens when born?

It is not common or normal for a mother cat to eat her kittens, but sadly is does happen. Theories include that the kittens were unhealthy in a way only the mother could tell, the mother feels threatened or scared to the point where she kills her kittens to survive, or it could be that the mother is (MORE)

Have mother cat spayed after kittens?

Yes, you can have a mother cat spayed some time after she's had kittens, but not straight away. Get your vet's advice. If you're not a registered breeder, it's a very good idea to get your cat spayed so that there isn't an extra problem of more unwanted kittens.

Where will the mother cat feed her kittens?

she can do it anywhere but she would probably prefer to do it on a chair or something soft If they are just born, she will feed them where she gave birth or where she moved the if she moved them, because she will give them milk. If they are growing up she will hunt or otherwise bring food to them. (MORE)

How to find mother cat hidden kittens?

When a mother cat has kittens, it usually goes away to give birth to them so if you are looking for them, make sure the mother cat is at home before trying to look for the kittens.

What to give a kitten if mother abandoned it?

Euthanise it. How rude. Pet stores have replacement milk available. Baby formula will probably keep it alive and growing until it is big enough for solid food. Slightly warm it and use an eye dropper or syringe to feed it every couple of hours. If it is very small, you have to stimulate it to go t (MORE)

What to do when a mother cat abandoned her kitten?

That depends on what you want to do with them. You can either have them put down by your local vet or bring them up yourself. It is a lot of work, but totally worth it, I can assure you (our cat had kittens two times and we brought them up all by ourselves, she is a selfish b*tch, wouldn't feed them (MORE)

How do you catch a wild barn cats kittens?

First take a HUMANE animal trap, at the back of the trap put some wet cat food on a paper plate. Place the trap in a place where you often see the kittens. You may catch animals other than the kittens, like raccoons or possums, if this happens then just release them back into the wild in some near b (MORE)

What to do when a mother cat deserts her kittens?

When a mother cat deserts her kittens, you can take care of thrm yourself or you can try to coax the mother cat to take care of them. First see if the mother cat is healthy. She may have sore nipples, or injuries from giving birth. If she is a first time mother, she may be confused or frighten (MORE)

Why is mother cats attacking the kittens?

she has rejected the kittens this mayb due too kitten smells different have you washed kitten or taken kitten too a vet strange smells will make mommy think that baby is not hers cats tell each other apart by smell mother naturally rejecting kitten due to age once a kitten is weaned old enough (MORE)

What do you do if a mother cat attacks her kittens?

I have never heard of this. If it should happen, obviously the kittens should immediately be taken from the mother and cared for separately. The mother should be taken to a vet to ensure that she is not ill.