Will azithromycin cure typhoid fever?

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Of curse Azithromycin Cure Typhoid even Nadalic Acid resistant Strains It Is The Drug of the first Choice
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What is typhoid fever?

Typhoid fever (also known as Enteric fever) is caused by a strain of "Salmonella" bacteria ( Salmonellae typhi ) when they are spread through the body by the white blood cells that attempted to destroy them.Salmonella are ingested from contaminated food or water and enter the body through the intest (MORE)

How do you get typhoid fever?

It is transmitted by the ingestion of food or water contaminated with the feces of an infected person, which contain the bacterium Salmonella enterica , serovar Typhi.

How does typhoid fever spread?

Typhoid spread by fecal/oral route. The bacteria is transmitted to other person by way of contaminated water or by contamination of food by way of contaminated hands due to poor personal hygiene or by houseflies.

How do you cure typhoid?

Antibiotic treatment is effective. However, up to 25% of those who have contracted the disease can die without treatment.

What is the cure for typhoid fever?

Typhoid fever is caused by Salmonella typhus , and is typically treated with general supportive care (fluids, nutritional support, etc.) and antibiotics.

What is the Typhoid fever?

Typhoid fever is an infectious type of bacteria fever. It ischaracterized by red spots on the abdomen and chest and irritationin the intestines.

Cures for typhoid fever?

Typhoid fever is cured by various vaccinations. The disease is also know as Salmonella Typhi.

Does azithromycin cure gonorrhea?

Yes it can but it needs to be a higher dose (2g) than for chlamydia. No. It can; but the higher dosage often cause stomach sickness. No it doesn't; it cures chlamydia. It can, but a 2 gm. dose is required which many experience stomach aches with the increased dosage. Yes it can, assuming the right d (MORE)

Is typhoid fever and typhoid the same thing?

Typhoid is a disease..... whereas , typhoid fever is the symptom of the disease .. so, both of these are same. there is no difference between TYPHOID or TYPHOID DISEASE.........

Does azithromycin cure chlamydia?

Yes, 1 gram of azithromycin (brand names Zithromax, Binzoyt) can cure chlamydia. A Z pack taken as directed with not cure chlamydia. Instead, take four of the pills from the z pack for a total of 1000 mg of zithromax, in one dose. That's the cure for chlamydia. It has an excellent cure rate fo (MORE)

Does cefixime cure typhoid fever?

Yes, it is third generation antibiotics which is effective in typoid treatment. The usual dosage for cefixime is 20mg/kg for 5-7 days. Treatment with lesser dosage can create resistance. Note: Do not start medications only on basis of self diagnosis, Consult a doctor. If you doubt your doctor, (MORE)

Does azithromycin cure chlamydia and UTI?

Azithromycin is good choice for nonspecific urethritis and chlamydia infections, but is not effective against typical UTI pathogens. The treatment for chlamydia is 1 gram in a single dose.

Can azithromycin cure yeast infections?

No, in fact, some antibiotics can potentially cause a yeast infection. Yeast infections are caused by yeast and not bacteria. Azithromycin is an antibiotic that acts on bacteria. BV or bacterial vaginosis is like a yeast infection, and it is treated with an antibiotic, but a different one.

What medicine cures Typhoid Fever?

Typhoid fever is one manifestation of an infection with Salmonella bacteria. Cures are based upon destroying the bacteria and typically rely on antibiotics.

How does typhoid fever effect your body?

Typhoid is a disease, so it does not allow the body to function normally. It affects the body by causing symptoms such as a fever, headache, general discomfort and a lack of appetite. Furthermore, some people may experience rose spots on the trunk of the body.

Was there a cure for typhoid fever in colonial times?

There was no cure for typhoid fever in colonial times. Neverthelesswise old physician probably used to cure typhoid by good nursingcare. There was about 20 % mortality for the typhoid fever withouteffective antibiotic therapy.

How do get typhoid fever?

Typhoid fever is common in undeveloped countries such as Africa, where there is poor sanitation. You can also get Typhoid from contaminated water and food from a contaminated person.

How is typhoid fever contagious?

yes, typhoid is a contagious or a spreading from one person to other disease it is really advisable to have a regular vaccination while setting off for a journey. Also it entirely advisable to have a clean livelihood which includes the practice of good hand washing, purified drinking water and so o (MORE)

What are serious complications of typhoid fever?

complications of typhoid fever include liver and spleen enlargement, sometimes so great that the spleen ruptures or bursts; anemia, or low red blood cell count due to blood loss from the intestinal bleeding; joint infections.

Do amoxicillin and azithromycin cure gonorrhea?

Amoxicillin will not cure gonorrhea. A 2 g dose of azithromycin can be tried for gonorrhea, but vomiting after the dose is so frequent that it may not be effective. See your health care provider for effective diagnosis and treament.

Can you use cefixime in typhoid fever?

it is a 2nd gen cephalosporin. But there is 3 days therapy of azithromycin which is convenient. Cefixime is suitable of respiratory infections but u can try with azithromy or ciprofloxacin

How do people get typhoid fever?

Typhoid fever is contracted by drinking or eating thebacteria in contaminated food or water. People with acuteillness can contaminate the surrounding water supply through stool,which contains a high concentration of the bacteria. Contaminationof the water supply can, in turn, taint the food suppl (MORE)

How did the middle ages people cure Typhoid fever?

Taking cold baths. But not so cold though, because people thought that cold baths and bathing caused fever and sickness. Anyway they used small towels and put it on there for head filled with water oh and they also covered themselfes but except their feet. And thet had to make sure the sick person g (MORE)

Does azithromycin cure chlamydia and gonorrhea?

Two grams of azithromycin can clear gonorrhea and chlamydia. The problem is that this dose frequently results in vomiting, and if you don't digest the medication, you won't get cured. For this reason, preferred treatment is 250 mg ceftriaxone for gonorrhea and 1g of azithromycin for chlamydia. Talk (MORE)

Can azithromycin cure uti?

That would be very unusual. Nobody treats UTI with azithromycin. See your health care provider for an appropriate prescription.

Does azithromycin cure trichomoniasis?

Probably not.... I believe the most commonly prescribed antibiotic for trich is metronidizole (generic for Flagyl). If you think you have this std you should go see your doctor - he would be most likely to prescribe the best antibiotic for you, or if you are concerned about confidentiality, check ou (MORE)

How did she get the typhoid fever?

She came from Scotland and like most of such ladies joined the job of housekeeping. Mary joined the job of cooking, because that was better paid job. She was one of the asymptomatic carrier of typhoid and she did not remembered to be ill with typhoid.

What dose of azithromycin cures chlamydia?

One gram of azithromycin (Zithromax, Z-max, Z-Pack) in a single dose cures uncomplicated chlamydia found on screening, but different doses and medications are used for other types of chlamydia. You can get this dose with four 250 mg pills, two 500 mg pills, or the 1g powder envelope. Even though (MORE)

What is the dose of azithromycin in typhoid Fever?

You have to give loading dose of one gram of azithromycin. To befallowed by 500 mg twice a day for seven days on empty stomach.Azithromycin has got rather long half life and should always begiven with loading dose.

What can you do in typhoid fever?

If typhoid fever is contracted then you must act quickly as it can be fatal. It is a very contagious bacterial infection, caused by Salmonella Typhi bacteria which is very similar to the salmonella bacteria that causes food poisoning. An infected person can pass the bacteria out of the body in both (MORE)

Is azithromycin guaranteed to cure a std?

Not all STDs can be cured with azithromycin. There have been no reports of azithromycin failure in chlamydia treatment. Patients treated for gonorrhea with 2 g of azithromycin are advised to retest soon afterwards to make sure it worked. Other STDs are not treated with azithromycin.

What dose of azithromycin cures gonorrhea?

Azithromycin is not used to cure gonorrhea. Azithromycin 1 g orally in a single dose is used, along with a shot of Ceftriaxone 250 mg, is used to treat gonorrhea Yes; but a shot of Ceftriaxone 250 mg should be given as well for treatment. . Zithromax( azithromycin) is a subclass of (macrolide) and (MORE)

Does azithromycin cure STDs?

gonorrhea and chlamydia Chlamydia. Azithromycin is used to treat bacterial STD along with other illnesses. Yes; it is typically used to cure chlamydia. Yes; zithromax can cure several bacterial STDs.

Can azithromycin cure the flu?

No. Azithromycin is an antibiotic. Antibiotics only work to kill or control growth of bacteria. The flu is not caused by bacteria, so antibiotics are ineffective to treat it. Influenza is caused by viruses.