Will Blu-ray be backward compatible with DVD?

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Blu-Ray players can play DVDs, but DVD players don't play Blu-Rays
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What is the meaning of backward compatibility?

It means that the new version of something will still work with things that the previous version worked with. For example the PlayStation 2 is somewhat backwards compatible

Is USB 3.0 backwards compatible?

yes, however certain new instruction that USB3.0 supports will not be backwards compatible. However, most USB 3.0 devices should work in a 2.0 system. To be certified a device

Can PS3 be made backwards compatible?

No it can not be. Nothing you can buy will allow a PS3 with 2 USB ports to play PS2 games. You'll have to live with the 1,000 PS3 games. It costs Sony a lot of time and Money

Why are some PS3 backward compatible?

Because in the beginning they did not have very many PS3 games and PS2 games had to be compatible to sell the PS3 game consoles. They later learned that making every game Back

Can you make your PS3 backwards compatible?

No if your PS3 is not Backwards compatible there are no software or hardware changes you can make to give it that capability. There are no Downloads or upgrades, updates, add
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Are Blu-ray drives are backward compatible with DVD and CD technologies?

Original Answer: no they are not Edit: Actually, Blu-ray drives are backwards compatible for reading and writing DVD and CDs. Just look up Blu-ray drives at the Web s
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Are Blu-ray players DVD compatible?

Yes they are compatible. You can watch a regular DVD on a blu ray player. They have built this compatible unit to be used for both. The blu ray will give a better picture but
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Is the PS vita backwards compatible?

Yes it will play games from the earlier PSP. It does not have a UMD Drive and will not play PSP UMD games