Will cavities kill you?

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yes. If you wait too long to get a cavity filled, then it can infect other parts of your body and cause you to die. For instance, I saw this on the news and one boy never went to the dentist in his life and he was like 12. He had a bad cavity and it went to his head. Yup that's right I said it.His HEAD. So if you have a cavity and you've had it a while, get it fixed ASAP. If you just got it don't sweat it. It takes a while for them to erupt and you'll probably have an appointment coming up. Hope this helps!
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How do you get cavities?

Cavities are caused by the build up of plaque on your teeth. The plaque causes your teeth to decay which in turn blackens the tooth and causes pain in it.

What is a cavity?

A cavity is a decayed part of a tooth. A cavity can be caused by decay plaque, sugar and acid. Dentists fix cavities by drilling them.

Can a cavity kill you?

Not really, Though the bacteria found in such cavities can affect your cardiovascular health (heart and arteries, veins), plaque buildup is also not good for you.

What are cavities?

Generally, cavities are empty spaces in solid objects. In regardsto teeth, cavities are the result of decay, and are thus entirelyunhealthy.

How do you not get cavities?

By taking good care of your teeth. Brush regularly, use mouth wash and don't eat too many sugary foods.

How did you get cavities?

I didn't brush my teeth for months. I didn't care because they were my first set. However, it's a bad habit, so don't do it. And the girls don't like it either.

The pelvic cavity is what to the thoracic cavity?

I don't understand ur question . But thoracic cavity is in the thorax. That means in the chest. There is the lung, heart and oesophagus. And pelvic cavity is in the pelvis. U

What to do for cavity?

You should go to the dentist as soon as possible, but if you can't for a while, cut back on sugary foods that can make it decay even more and sugary soft drinks until you get
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What do you do when you have cavities?

I'm assuming youre talking about teeth here: There's really not much that can be done. Teeth don't grow back much, if at all. If it's really small (but then the doc usually
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Who has a cavity?

Individuals who ingest a diet higher in carbohydrates will have a greater propensity to contract cavities. This is due to the affect sugar (glucose, fructose, etc) has on tee