Will duncan be in total drama reloaded?

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Uh, I think it is still unconfirmed whether Duncan will be in Season 4 or not.
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Who will be in total drama reloaded?

I have no idea but I cannot wait! I hope Bridgette and Geoff are on it. No Alejandaro or Ezekil and bring back everyone from season one plus 2 new caraters. minus Blainley...

What is total drama reloaded about?

It is about 14 new contestants living in an abandoned haunted mansion together competing for One Million Dollars. The contestants are: Anne Maria, Brick, Cameron, Dakota, Jo

Is Tyler on total drama reloaded?

That information has not been released yet but it is confirmed to have 13 new characters and is currently in production

Who are the people in Total drama reloaded?

The people in Season 4 of Total Drama a.k.a. "Total Drama Reloaded" will be full of new people. If you saw the season finale of Total Drama World Tour, Alejandro signed the co

When will total drama reloaded come out?

It maybe come out at 2011 at the summer of 2011. there is maybe 12 people or 22 people. they are replacing the total drama island people. ZaliaHiggins : Replacing isn't wh

Is linsay in total drama reloaded?

No I don't Think so here is a list of the people in the show, although i can be wrong: Staci - New Mike - New Gwen Owen Cody Sierra Anne Maria - New Lightning - New