Will eating ice hurt the baby during pregency?

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No. It will just be water inside you.
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Does the baby get hurt during labor?

Answer . There are ways for a baby to receive injury during delivery, however, if there is no permanent damage there is no chance of the child remembering the event.

How does smoking during pregnancy hurt a babies?

There are two ways in which smoking during pregnancy is harmful to the developing fetus. First, nicotine causes blood vessles to contract (it is a vaso-constrictor) and thereb

Why does my stomach hurt after eating ice cream?

You could be eating too much too fast, it could be from the cold. It could just be gas or indigestion. You could be lactose intolerant which means your body doesn't digest mil

Will it hurt you to eat freezer ice?

Best not. If you have a freezer with old-style freon, it could make you sick. Also it hurts you teeth and can harshly crack them, it can make your mouth sore also.. just suck

How long can you eat ice before it hurt you?

There is nothing wrong with eating ice, though if you ate a very large amount you would likely get a very sore throat and perhaps some head pain from the extreme cold in the b