Will getting the flu shot help prevent pneumonia?

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Not directly. The flu shot will only prevent the specific type of viral influenza that the vaccine has been developed to prevent. Most pneumonia is due to bacterial infections and not viral, although viral pneumonia and bacterial pneumonia are both common secondary complications of influenza. So, in the sense of preventing the flu that might have a secondary complication of pneumonia, it could be somewhat effective but not assured. For better prevention of pneumonia, there is a pneumonia vaccine that can be received at the same time as the flu vaccine, which is often done in the elderly or those with underlying health problems, especially chronic lung or heart diseases.
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What are the chances of getting the flu when you get a flu shot?

Very little chance of getting the flu in spite of getting a flu shot. Perhaps 10%, probably less, of the people who get the flu vaccination end up getting the flu anyway. In m

Is it possible to get the flu after getting a flu shot?

If you actually get the flu, and not just a mild reaction to the vaccine (which can seem similar at first), it will most likely be because you: . had it already before you

Does the regular seasonal flu shot help prevent the H1N1-09 Swine Flu?

Yes, it does again in the US in the 2012-2013 flu season as it did in the prior flu season. See the related questions section for more information about the vaccines in

What is the flu shot given to prevent?

A flu shot will prevent the type of influenza virus or viruses that have been used to make the vaccine. A,nd it may sometimes protect against a different, but very similar, st

What does the flu shot prevent?

The trivalent flu vaccines prevent infections by the three types of influenza that scientists and epidemiologists have determined through studies will be the most likely to be

Do onions prevent you from getting the flu?

Yes, onion and garlic will keep people away from you, which helps with prevention. But don't touch a doorknob or anything that a person with the flu has contacted, and then to

Does the flu shot really prevent the flu?

Yes, it will cause your body to create immunity to the specific kind of flu that the vaccine is made to prevent. It is possible for you to get a different type of flu, though,

Does a flu shot prevent bronchitis?

Not directly. The flu shot only prevents the flu the vaccine in the shot is made to prevent. However, you could say it prevents you from having bronchitis in some ways of l

Will the flu shot prevent the norovirus?

No. The influenza vaccine is only for preventing respiratory influenza (flu). The norovirus ("Norwalk Flu") is one of the viruses that cause the "stomach flu", more correct

Can flu infection be prevented if you do not get flu shots?

Technically, you cannot prevent infection with seasonal influenza viruses even after the annual vaccination (flu shot). The virus could still be considered to have "infected