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Will having a joint bank account with someone who is behind on their personal loan affect your own ability to get a personal loan?

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No. Credit history pertains to the individual. With the exception of joint accounts such as credit cards, not bank accounts.
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How do you ask a bank for a personal loan?

  Do not call for it. Go to the bank, ask for A loan officer, Introduce yourself, And tell him/her why you are there. It will flow from there, If you are turned down it is

How do personal loans affect your credit?

If there's no paper trail then they "don't exist" as far as credit reports are concerned.   Knowing what creditors evaluate is important. Some of the things they look at in

What happens to a bank loan when a person dies?

    If the loan is secured, then the collateral is returned to the bank. If the loan is unsecured, like a credit card, then the bank submits the balance to the estate

What can be done about a bank that has contacted a person about a loan that is not listen on the loan?

The person contacted should inform the bank that they are not involved in this loan and that if the bank's information shows them as being involved then this would be identity

Can an individual get a personal loan from a bank?

Yes and individual can get a personal loan from many banks. This is especially more easy if it from a bank that one has been with for a long time. Getting a personal loan fro

What banks offer unsecured personal loans?

Many banks offer unsecured personal loans, such as M&T, Bank of America, Chase, and others. However, the circumstances and criteria of the applicant must be right. For many co

How can someone compare personal loans?

There are many online loan comparing sights, but if a person wanted to get a trusted opinion, they could talk to their lawyer and compare the loans with them. Also, if a perso

How can one have a personal loan from a bank?

To have a personal loan from a bank you need to have a bank that you have an account with and a financial advisor at that bank. You'll meet with them to tell them why you need

Where can someone apply for a personal loan with them having bad credit?

Someone with bad luck is not completely out of luck when it comes to obtaining a personal loan. There are many small businesses that offer credit to those with less than perf

Where can someone find a person to person loan?

Peer lending, or person-to-person loan programs, are gaining in popularity and are easier than ever to find thanks to the Internet. There are websites dedicated exclusively t
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Why can't you get a personal loan from a bank?

You can. You just have to meet the requirements. If you don't havea regular income, plus sufficient proof of integrity and intent andability to repay, plus collateral, plus wh