Will health insurance cover a tempur-pedic mattress?

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I've heard that Gallery Furniture in Houston will help you determine whether your insurance will pay for the mattress.

Yet another scam. No wonder insurance rates are so high.
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What does secondary health insurance cover?

Answer . \nFirst check your policy. Then check http://www.steveshorr.com/technical_questions.htm#Primary for the rules on who pays first.\n. \nBasically a 2nd policy wil

Will Medicare cover orthopedic tempur-pedic mattresses?

No not a mattress for a normal bed whether tempur-pedic or otherwise. They will cover 80% of a hospital bed and Tempur-Pedic does make a mattress for this style of bed. With a

Is Viagra covered by health insurance?

It's dependent on the specific health care plan and/or Medicare eligibility. However, for most people, the answer to this question would be NO. I found BCBS's prescription

Will Blue Cross Blue Shield cover orthopedic tempur-pedic mattresses?

Since an insurance policy is a contract, that which is covered is defined by the language of the contract. If there is not express coverage, sometimes it can be argued that th

Who developed the tempur pedic mattress?

It was developed in Lexington,KY funded through NASA research in the 1970s. Astronauts used the material to reduce the G-force pressures placed on the body while in lift-off.
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What is a tempur pedic mattress made of?

Tempur-pedic mattress are made of Tempur, an open-air cell foam that is able to evenly redistributes pressure. It has high density, high visco-elasticity and is temperature se
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How comfortable is a tempur pedic mattress?

A tempur pedic mattress is extremely comfortable. They have things to where you can adjust the softness or the firmness of you side of the bed. I would love to have one and tr
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Does health insurance cover therapy?

Be very careful with things like therapy, outpatient phyciatric care and such things like this. Read your policy and if you have any questions call your agent or the 800 numbe
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What does Amerigroup health insurance cover?

"Your coverage if you have Amerigroup health insurance will determine exactly what treatments and procedures you are eligible for. They also have supplemental plans that cover
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What areas can health insurance cover?

A health insurance policy ideally covers : 1. Room, Boarding Expenses as provided by the Hospital/NursingHome. i.e It Covers hospitalisation expenses due to an illness oraccid