Will modern science and technology replace traditional culture and technology ultimately?

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Yes but it might come back to traditional culture. The traditional culture and technology is the building blocks of what we have today, it will never be completely replaced. apex.. improves results
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Science and technology?

Science and technology go hand in hand. Whenever there areadvancements in technology, there will usually be advancements inscience.

What does science have to do with technology?

science has a greate deal to do with technology the logic aspect of technology comes with science and what is the best conductors of electrysity e.g. copper how dose electrisi

The science and technology?

What is this question supposed to mean? If you had a comprehendible grounding in the English language, then I suppose one of the members of WikiAnswers would be able to assist

What is the difference between traditional technology and modern technology?

It might be best to give examples to explain. A traditionaltechnology is technical advances upon which something else is addedto expand it. For example, farmers have been usin
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What changes in modern-day living were brought about by science and technology?

Almost every element of your life has been improved because of modern science and technology. If you live in a comfortable home, are wearing clothes, sleep in a bed, use a sho
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What is the impact of science and technology in the modern civilization?

Impact of Science and Technology on Modern Civilization. Modern civilization owes its existence to science an can be easily called scientific civilization. Various advances