Will right hand drive cars be banned in Canada?

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Can you convert a left hand drive subaru legacy into a right hand drive car?

Yes you can i don't know were tho only thing i know it will be around 10k to 20k. Some people say that the conversion may damage the engine or something and the car wont feel

Is there more right hand drive cars than left hand drive?

No, most of the worlds cars have the steering wheel on the LEFT side of the car.. Although there are some high-population countries that drive on the left such as India, Paki

How do you change a left hand drive car to right hand drive?

An average mechanic can not change a car from being a left handdriver to a right hand driver. It takes a complete reworking of thesystem and body of the car. It would be easie

Does Canada use left or right hand drive cars?

Canada drives on the right side of the road. Historically Canada drove on the left (influence by the UK), but switched to right to have better transportation ability with the

Is it legal to convert a left hand drive car to right hand drive in the US?

If you were importing a RHD vehicle the answer is no, but you are converting a vehicle to RHD. If you are a postal employee it is legal, but may or may not be for the average
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Which car is best - a right hand drive or left hand drive?

It really depends on the car and your driving situation. I've heard the claim that right hand drive cars drive better, but my own experiences in RHD cars haven't shown any sig