Will sand mess up the engine?

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only the inside.... the outside can usually benefit from a good sandblasting
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If you take the governor off an engine can it mess up the engine?

Yes and no. The point of a governor is to limit the RPM's of the engine. Removing the governor in tiself does not hurt a thing, but then you run the risk of over-reving the

Can transmission oil mess up engine?

I know I have had an engine that develops a tick, this is just a sticky rocker are usually, and adding a quart of automatic transmission oil will cure this. So if you have onl

Will water mess up your engine if it is put in your gas tank?

all it will do is kill your engine if alot of it gets sucked up by your fuel pump, or else it will cause your exhaust to appear a little bit white until all of the water is bu

Yes reving a car or any engine with valves can mess up the engine you?

If I understand correctly, you mean that if you rev up high any engine with valves on it, shall you mess up the engine? My answer is no, and yes. Bear with me.... an engine u

Does a Auto start mess up your engine?

Sometimes. If your car is a 2003 or older, usually. I had a 2002 Toyota and I put in an a autostart. Huge mistake! It shorted my entire electrical system and I had to have my
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Will green diesel mess my engine up?

Depends on your car. Unless a car psychic passes by, you'll have to re-ask the question with the necessary details.. Car . Year of car . Normal fuel type of car .