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Will taking Viagra fail drug test?

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Can I fail a drug test by taking Valium?

If the drug test is testing for Benzodiazepines, then you will test positive. If the test looks for SPECIFIC benzodiazepines the you will definitely test positive for diazepam

How can you fail a drug test if you are taking suboxone?

Because of the type of drug it is, it will cause positive drug tests. Suboxone is made of buprenorphrine which is a partial opioid agonist, and naloxone which is an opioid ant

Will you fail a drug test by taking Excedrin?

Doubtful, there was once upon a time problems with acetemophen showing up as a false positive for thc, but anymore you aren't going to have that problem, plus most places will
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Will you fail a drug test taking levaquin?

If it's over the counter like caugh syrup, pills, or even LSD it won't show up on a drug test!(: however alcohol and and most notable drugs will, but none over the counter. No