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Will the Baja peninsula move closer to Mexico as spreading occurs in the Gulf of California?

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No. It is slowly drifting northwest in such a way that someday Los Angeles will be a suburb of San Francisco, and the Gulf of California will disappear and become a shallow sea facing the Pacific Ocean.
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Who owns the peninsula called baja?

There is one answers to this question... if the peninsula is Baja California, then is owned by Mexico... (THE ANSWER IS MEXICO) if you are not talking about Baja California th

What ocean borders Baja California?

The Pacific Ocean borders the Baja California Peninsula to the  west. It also has shores on the Gulf of California, which lies  between the peninsula and Mexico's mainland.

What country does baja California belong to?

Baja California is found in Mexico. It is a peninsula off the west coast of Mexico which runs immediately south of California of the USA.

What gulf separates Baja California from the rest of Mexico?

The Gulf of California, also known as Sea  of Cortes or Mar de Cortez (as known in Mexico),  is the body of water that separates Baja California Peninsula from  the Mexican