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Will the IRS or state take your tax refund due to delinquent student loans?

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Yes. (Although in fairness, it isn't the IRS taking it, it is the IRS can be instructed to give it to the government agency you owe).
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How do you file taxes to the IRS for 2002 and 2003 if you were due refunds both years?

Answer   Do you mean you believe you are owed refunds? Or that you failed to file your taxes for the incomes for those two years 2002 and 2003 and you may owe the IRS. 

Can you consolidate your defaulted student loans if your tax refund was garnished?

In the US, it depends on whether your loans are with DIRECT or FFELP. If you have FFELP loans, you are eligible to consolidate. If you have direct loans and have never consoli

Can creditors take your student loan refunds?

New Answer: No they can't. You can get it back. I just got off the phone with someone from NEDAP who told me that student loan refunds are exempt and that there is also some l

Will they take your state tax return for student loans?

Yes: Any money that you have coming from federal or state will be taken. A letter will arrive stating that a debt has been forwarded to the Franchise Tax Board that you owe on

Can a loan company take your tax refund?

No one can simply take money from you. If you owe money to anyone and fail to pay it back then that person or organisation needs a court order.

If student loan is being garnished can they garnish tax refund?

If your student loans are being garnished, you can count on your name being on the tax offset list, meaning that they will apply your refund amount to your loan repayment. 

Does IRS tell you if they are going to keep your refund due to student loan default?

  You may not get advance warning, but you should receive a letter from the Treasury Offset Program telling you that your refund that you were expecting to receive has bee

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How do you get your tax refund if your student loans are in default?

I believe that any tax refund to which you think you may be entitled was diverted to pay down the debt of your student loan obligations. Your federal income tax will be applie

Will the IRS take federal on delinquent student loan or state taxes?

If your Federally Guaranteed student loans are in a Default status then the collection agency will place your name on the Tax offset list. Once on this list, you will not rece