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Will the IRS or state take your tax refund due to delinquent student loans?

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Yes. (Although in fairness, it isn't the IRS taking it, it is the IRS can be instructed to give it to the government agency you owe).
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Does IRS tell you if they are going to keep your refund due to student loan default?

You may not get advance warning, but you should receive a letter from the Treasury Offset Program telling you that your refund that you were expecting to receive has been offs

Can federal tax refunds be garnished for past due student loans?

If they are under 180 days late, you should be ok. If over 180 days delinquent, then you are in Default and may have your tax refund applied to your student loan balance. If

Will the IRS take YOUR tax refund due to delinquent home loan?

No. The IRS doesn't take your tax refund unless you owe the government money, government insured student loan arrears or child support arrears. It does not collect money on be

Will the IRS take federal on delinquent student loan or state taxes?

If your Federally Guaranteed student loans are in a Default status then the collection agency will place your name on the Tax offset list. Once on this list, you will not rece

Can the IRS take you tax refund if you have a defered student loan?

If it is in deferred status, they will probably not take your taxrefund. If your student loan is delinquent, then they will be seizeyour refund and put it toward your debt.

If a student is still in school can the IRS take their federal refund for student loan payments?

yes, if your loans are in default then you will be listed on the Tax offset list. Once on the list, your tax refund will be kept by the Guarantee agency until the loan is paid

If you are on unemployment in 2010 can IRS take my tax refund to pay off student loan debt?

Very possible if you are in FMS offset of refund tax program. Go to the IRS gov web site and in the middle of page where the picture is they have some page numbers 1 to 5 choo