Will the digital TV signal cause damage to an analog TV that does not have a digital converter box?

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Can you convert a TV to digital TV?

It is not possible to convert an analog television to a digital television. However, by using a digital set top receiver, it is possible to receive digital signals and deliver

Digital converter box for a Symphonic TV?

A digital converter box for a Symphonic TV can be found at mostlocal electronic stores. Cable companies also provide digitalconverter boxes for subscribers.

How do you convert your cable company's digital signal to analog so you can watch it on your tv without paying for a second set top box?

\nIt's not so much in the conversion of the signal to analog, but rather, the frequency ranges the cable company may use to send the signals down the cable. In other words, w

How do you convert hand held analog TV to digital TV?

You're probably not going to be able to do much about it. Analog is analog and digital is digital. If the TV has only an analog tuner built into it, it's not going to be able

Can a digital cable box damage your TV?

I think so...my digital cable box was REALLY warm to the touch. When I turned my TV on it played a few minutes then went out. We have had digital cable for about 5 years and n

Do you need a converter box with a digital TV?

No. You only need a converter box for analog TV and only if you receive your TV "over the air" with an antenna. If you have cable or satellite TV, you don't need a converter.

Do you need a stronger signal for digital TV or for analog TV?

There are two answers to the question - Digital or analog. Here is the reason why: Digital signal are very robust signals as long as they do not fall below a certain strength

How do you convert the analog signal from your rfoutput on your sky box to be received on your digital only tv?

Almost all modern televisions still support analog RF signals. The input selection will usually be marked as "ATV" or "Analog Television". Alternatives are to use the analog