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Will the digital TV signal cause damage to an analog TV that does not have a digital converter box?

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Can you convert a TV to digital TV?

It is not possible to convert an analog television to a digital television. However, by using a digital set top receiver, it is possible to receive digital signals and deliver

How do you know if your TV is digital or analog?

  "Standard-definition" (meaning 480i) Cathode-ray tube televisions are analog. CRT TV's are easily identifiable by their immense weight and the fact that their depth near

How do you convert your cable company's digital signal to analog so you can watch it on your tv without paying for a second set top box?

    It's not so much in the conversion of the signal to analog, but rather, the frequency ranges the cable company may use to send the signals down the cable. In othe

How do you convert hand held analog TV to digital TV?

You're probably not going to be able to do much about it. Analog is analog and digital is digital. If the TV has only an analog tuner built into it, it's not going to be able

How do I convert analog tv antenna to a digital antenna?

The antenna can't tell if it is receiving analog or digital. They are the same. However, some antennae are 'banded' to receive a group of channels and reject others. A high ba
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Where can one buy analog to digital tv converters?

Analog to digital television converters are a popular item that are widely available in department stores, electronic stores, discount stores, office supply shops, home improv