What is a parent?

A Male or Female adult in whose Guardianship is the physical and moral welfare of a child of the next generation. There does not need to be a genetic bond. Never confuse the o (MORE)

What to do when you have no parents?

just pray to God and he will answer your prayers.....just tell him that you need someone to take care of you and he will send someone to you and a good someone

What is parents?

A biological parent is a person whose gamete resulted in a child: amale through the sperm and a female through the ovum. Parents arefirst-degree relatives and have 50 percent (MORE)

What does a parent do?

If an adult has no kids they aren't called parents yet. When they have kids they are, this is because they take care of their kids. Parents are the adult and leader of their k (MORE)
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Where do you get your parents will at?

The contents of a Will are your parents' personal and legalbusiness. It is none of a child's business unless the parent showsyou the Will, includes you in estate/will planning (MORE)
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What can you do to your parents?

You can love them, and appreciate everything they have done for you. It may not feel like they have done much for you, but they gave up alot of time, and money, and even some (MORE)
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Who are parents?

Your biological parents are your birth parents, the two people who conceived you. However, many birth parents have lost their children through the court system and the chil (MORE)

Who are my parents?

Your parents are generally the people who signed your birthcertificate. They are generally the ones who call you for dinnerand the ones who refuse to raise your allowance.