Will the us post office deliver today to zip code 27519?

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The USPS delivers on weekdays and Saturday, except for Federal holidays.
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How does the Post Office determine the last 4 numbers of a nine number zip code?

It does so by dividing a delivery area identified by a five-digit ZIP code into sectors (the 6th and 7th digits) and then into segments (the 8th and 9th digits). Each segment

What is the difference between postal code zip code and post office box?

Post code, postcode, or ZIP code are synonyms. They are a series of letters/digits appended to a postal address for the purpose of sorting mail. A post office box, PO Box,
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Will post office deliver on Saturday?

Yes, unless it's a holiday. Sometime in in August of this year all first class mail, and second class mail will no longer be delivered to your home or business. The post offic