Will the water from backwashing a pool filter kill sodgrass?

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Depends if the water contains chlorine or not.
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When do you use backwash filter closed recirculate and rinse on a pool pump?

Answer . Filter-Basically the "normal" setting for your pump. Circulates water from pool to filter and back out again.\n. \nBackwash-Your filter forms thousand of cages in which suspended particles passing through are caught. When these cages become saturated with dirt the filter must be clean (MORE)

How do you backwash your pool correctly?

Answer . \nHi.. backwashing is pretty easy. you didn't mention if you have an inground or above ground or what type filter you use.. but, it's all basically the same thing.\n. \nFirst, turn the pump off, then, set the backwash lever to open. Turn on the pump. Let it backwash the water for one mi (MORE)

How do you backwash a pool when the filter uses earth?

that's simple. Backwash the same way you do normally but put the (earth) or diatanacious earth into the skimmer afterwards approx 5 lbs and always make sure you close the backwash valve before you put the earth into the skimmer New Answer It's simple but not quite that simple! Depending on the fi (MORE)

Would the backwash or wastewater from a saltwater pool harm plants flooded by that water?

Yes. The salt water will cause soil salinity which will damage most plants currently growing and will have lasting and environmentally damaging effects. The salt water needs to be diluted with fresh water to attain a salt level of 2 (dS/m) or less. An alternative would be to evaporate the wate (MORE)

What is backwashing and if you have a salt pool does it mean to drain the pool and clean the filter and chlorinator cell and then add fresh water?

Answer . I'm not sure about a pool, but with a hot tub, backwashing refers to reversing the flow of water through the filter so as to flush the filter of the sediment it has collected. There should be a valve on the inlet side of the filter that diverts (reverses) the flow of water. Assuming your (MORE)

When you backwash your pool why does the water come out forcefully when other pools in the neighborhood seem to trickle?

Answer . Each time I backwash my pump head, the water comes out with extreme force. It has only trickled when something was going wrong. The pump may have been drawing air or the heads were dirty. During backwashing and rinsing, the water should be coming out with force. The pump pressure sh (MORE)

When backwashing a salt water pool will the water kill plants and flowers?

Answer . Ok, the answer is yes, depending on what plants you are talking about, if you are talking about epsom salts that is a good thing for some plants. Also magnesium, and try to direct your pool discharge away from your landscape. The art of pool water discharge is easy. PVC pipe is very help (MORE)

What should you do if your pool filtered up fine but will not backwash?

Answer . You may have a large chunk blocking the discharge valve, try opening the valve with the pump off and moving a broom handle upinside the valve, you should have a two and one half inch valve for the dischargeso a handle or something smaller, just may be blocking the hole at the valve to l (MORE)

How do you backwash your pool?

By turning on ur time clock and then pull the black t shaped handle up that is next to ur filter. Then if u don't want a mess in your back yard then connect a backwash hose to the street. Then when ur finish push lever down once water comes out clear. Then go to ur skimmer n add two scoops of de.

Do you vacuum on filter or backwash?

You normally vacuum on filter. There are some situations like when the pool has been treated with a floculent that the pool is vacuumed to waste.

When should I backwash my pool filter?

o you back=Answer . DE filter, sand filter: Notice and mark the filter gage at the number which registers the lowest reading when the filter is at it's cleanest. Use a Sharpie. When the pressure goes 8 to 10 #'s above that mark it is time to back wash the filter. If your gage is not accurate, old (MORE)

I have backwashed sand filter and now it keeps shooting water out is this normal?

Have you been rotating the valve handle counterclockwise? It must be rotated clockwise. First turn off the pump, try rotating the valve clockwise a few times finally placing the lever in the "filter" position. Then turn the pump back on. Depending on the age of the piece of equipment it is possible (MORE)

How can you backwash a pool with a sand filter?

The correct expression should be how do you back wash a sand filter. sand filters need back washing when the pressure on front of the filter gets too high. This is done by, stopping the pump and swinging the lever on the top of the sand filter to the backwash position, usually the opposite position. (MORE)

Does pool backwash kill grass?

with a normal pool it should not do any harm However if you have a sodium chloride saltwater pool you may end up with a build up of salt that can harm the soil and plants. On the other hand if you have the new salt system that used Magnesium ans potasium chloride then its good for the lawn.

How do you backwash pool filter?

1. sand filter: turn off power to pump, move pump valve to backwash, turn power back on and let run for 2-3 minutes. 2. turn off power to pump, move pump valve to rinse, turn power back on and let run for 1-2 minutes. 3. turn off power to pump, move pump valve back to filter, turn power back on.

What does backwash mean when cleaning a pool?

Back washing means that water from the system runs over the top of the sand in the sand filter to waste in order to clear it and reduce the pressure needed for the water to circulate..

Can DE be filtered out of pool water?

Eventually OR if you are in a hurry give the pool a treatment with floculant allow it to settle a couple of days and all of the impurity's in the water will be in a cloudy layer at the bottom of the pool gently vacuum this stuff to waste do not put it through the filter. Another way is to use a de (MORE)

How do you backwash a de pool pump?

You back wash a pool filter not a pool pump. Read your manual. Call the pool store with the brand of filter and back wash valve that you have and they will advise.

How do you backwash a pool with a cartridge filter?

You don't. Cartridge filters are cleaned by removing the filter element from the cylinder and washing them down. usually a hose down is enough, however over time calcium and other build ups can block them up and there are cleaners available to fix this problem.

Why Backwash a pool?

Backwashing a swimming pool cleans out the sand filter. It reversesthe flow to push all the trappings from the filter out.

How do you backwash a de filter AT8230?

You don't. you remove the large lock ring around the filter housing, separate the top from the bottom. Lift out the filter element. Hose it off. Clean out the bottom of the tank. Put filter back in tank. Put lock ring back on the filter and tighten it unitil it Locks. Done.

Explain filter backwash bypass with swimming pools?

most multiports on sand filters have the following settings . Filter Runs the pools water from your pump through the filter media then back into the pool. this is the setting that is nearly always used. . Backwash Runs pool water from your pump over the filter media and out to waste. This r (MORE)

Why does dirty water come out of your return jet in the pool when you backwash the pool?

when you back wash the pool you need to run Rinse for a little while before you return it to filter. . Note turn of pump when changing settings. . Backwash Runs pool water from your pump over the filter media and out to waste. This removes dirt that has been collected during filtration. A bac (MORE)

How do I Backwash an in ground pool with a sand filter?

most multiports on sand filters have the following settings. Filter Runs the pools water from your pump through the filter media then back into the pool. this is the setting that is nearly always used. . Backwash Runs pool water from your pump over the filter media and out to waste. This removes (MORE)

Should you always backwash and rinse after you have filtered the pool?

A Pool is filtered for a certain period or periods of time per day. When the backpressure in front of the filter becomes too high it is time to backwash the filter if you have a "sand" or "DE" filter. After back washing i.e. when the water is running clear through the observation bubble on the side (MORE)

How often must you backwash a pool?

When the back presure becomes too high ( this is usaly visible on a guage on the side of the filter) the water going through the filter slows down. at that time the fliter needs to be back washed. how often depends on how much dirt enters the pool.

Where does pool backwash go?

It goes out the backwash line. This is usually either plumbed into the line, and either goes into the sewer, or out on the ground. Some setups have a hose that you unroll, and attach to a port on the valve. I found my discharge by putting the handle on "backwash", turning the pump on, and look (MORE)

When sand filter set on filter water leaks out backwash hose?

It sounds like either your valve is not set completely to "filter" or your valve's seals are degrading. If the valve is completely set to "filter", then either replace the valve, or plug the end of the backwash hose. . Here's a good place to look for new backwash filters: http://www.swiftpoolsuppl (MORE)

Why does Sand comes out of pool filter when backwashing?

Well if dirt comes out then you should clean off your feet before you get in,becouse your fet carry it in the pool then when the filter sucks up the dirt then the filter gets too much dirt in it and spits it out and you should proble clean the filter out once a month!

How often should you backwash a sand filter on a above ground pool?

Sand filters usually have a pressure gauge in front of them indicating the back pressure before the filter.When the filter needs to be cleaned this pressure gets high. usually it has a red section on the gauge. When it hits the red it is time to think about back washing. If the gauge does not work a (MORE)

When should a pool filter be backwashed?

The best way to determine this is to backwash the filter and see what the pressure is at that time. Then go 7-10 PSI above that and this will be your pressure to watch to tell you when to clean your filter.

How do swimming pools filter the water?

The usual method is by forcing the water through a membrane that has very fine perforations that do not allow particles over a certain size through. or the water is forced through sand where the same principle applies there is also a system where a combination of a membrane and diatamatious earth is (MORE)

How to backwash filter for above ground swimming pool?

there are a few possibilities, depending on what kind of filter you have: if you have a: - small filter about 2 feet tall, shaped like a cylinder, it's a CARTRIDGE FILTER and can be cleaned by first closing the suction and return valves, and removing the cartridge, and rinsing with a water hose. (MORE)

What causes water to flow out of the pool filter backwash when pump is on and not on backflush?

Replace the spider gasket inside the filter valve. This is simple to do and should be done every couple of years, especially if you have an in-line chlorinator or if you add chlorine through your skimmer. Make sure you grease the gasket with silicon before you install it. To keep this from happen (MORE)